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What's the best, inexpensive HEAVY makeup (cover up) that is from the drug store?

Asked by SamIAm (8703points) February 15th, 2011

I found No. 7 at Target a few years ago and it was too thick to use as foundation but made a great concealer. I can’t get to Target anytime soon and I need a thick concealer (like tattoo cover up thick) that either Walgreens or CVS would carry. Any suggestions?

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Did you try Maybelline mousse foundation? I think that might work nicely if you can find a good tone.

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I’ve used Maybelline “pure makeup” for cover up with pretty good success. Walgreen’s. Light blue/green tube, silver top.

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For quality cover-up, you’re going to have to pay for more than a drug-store brand.

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There is a product called Derma-Blend that is supposed to be ‘tattoo cover thick” and is marketed toward women with heavy facial scarring, but I think it is only sold in department stores. I use a fairly heavy face make-up from Revlon which is a two-in-one thing, both base make-up and powder.

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Physicians Formula cover sticks. They come in blue, green, yellow and lavender in order to counterbalance different shades in your skin. They go on great and make a good base for blotting on cream or powder foundations. When I used to costume up for nightclubs then this would go on first and then Covergirl Creme to Powder foundation blotted last with Covergirl powder foundation.

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@Neizvestnaya: Do you think it’s thick enough to cover a black tattoo? It’s a thin-ish outline but still a tattoo. I feel like those sticks don’t provide enough coverage!

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@SamIAm: Yes. Dab the cover stick on but don’t blend it too think. Go over the tattoo and a larger area around it with the cream to powder foundation, again dab it on thick and let it dry then blot all over with the powder foundation.

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@Neizvestnaya: oh boy! Maybe I should mention that it’s behind my ear… I’m going to need some assistance with this one. Thank you for your help!! :)

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