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Whom do you prefer, the Geico gecko or the Geico caveman?

Asked by tabbycat (1803points) August 11th, 2008
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aw thats so tough.
i’m gonna go with gecko.

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Neither frankly. The Geico commercials annoy me. But if I would have to choose, it would be the gecko. The “even a caveman can do it, insert angry caveman” thing is old…and not funny.

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I agree with PnL 100%.

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I had an ex-boyfriend that was a combination of both…..ewwwwww. Creepy…

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Like the gecko. I miss him. He was cute.

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I hate that Gecko!!

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I want their marketing team working for me. Both of those ads were brilliant.

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I personally don’t like either. Played out to me. I like insurance with spokes “people”

lefteh's avatar

I think that Liberty Mutual’s ads are the best…the ones based on random acts of kindness.

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I like the nature guy studying the gecko

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If I have to choose I’d go with the gecko. I agree with leftrh about Liberty Mutual though. I love those commercials.

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If we are gonna talk about other comercials i like the nationwide commercials

jlm11f's avatar

I like the nationwide commercials too. “Life comes at you fast :)”

lefteh's avatar

Oooh the Nationwide commercials. They come out of Columbus! I got to meet the guy in charge of creative advertising for Nationwide. Fun stuff.

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Gecko…but, has anyone else noticed that they’ve gotten someone new to do the voice? A poor imitation, in my humble opinion. Love the Liberty Mutual spots, and the first time I see any Nationwide commercial, it definitely gets my attention!

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@ lefteh – I have got to get on your invite lists ;-)

lefteh's avatar

@Bri: Get a job in politics!

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@Bri L: lefteh does get to meet some exciting people…how does he do it?

@lefteh: Well? How do you do it? ;)

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@ lefteh: Yeah how do you do it? hehe

lefteh's avatar

Like I said, get a job in politics!

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No one has mentioned that the Geico gecko is supposed to be a representation of the Madagascar Day Gecko, yet it speaks with an Australian accent. Boourns.

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The Australian accent is just so cute….

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They are both as annoying as the energizer bunny. I’ll take the Aflack duck!

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@scamp – The origional duck. They have been getting desperate lately. Not fond of the racecar one.

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I like the Yogi Berra one.
Maybe that’s just because I love Yogi Berra.

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Yay for Yogi! He said some awesome stuff.

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Not to threadjack-
I have a book by him “I didn’t say all the stuff I said”. He goes through and talks about all the quotes and the circumstances. The ones he said and ones he didn’t say. I also love the sports illustrated cover where he is facing away and it says “Yogi’s Back”.

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Yes, Yogi is wonderful, and I never get tired of his Aflack commercial.

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@Bri_L I haven’t seen the race car one. But I got lots of laughs from the early ones.

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I have a book of his called When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take it! I love it.

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I have to find that book

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Gecko!!! I’m a sucker for his accent

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