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Is it possible to get a job without buying new clothes?

Asked by WakeUp (421points) August 12th, 2008

Its bad enough I have to trade my life for a few measly bucks, but I have to look like an ass on top of it?

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I would think that if you did nude modelling for a figure drawing class, there wouldn’t be much problem.

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It depends on what kind of job you want and what you wear now. I didn’t really change clothing style for my job except to switch plain t-shirts for printed ones.

Anyway, dress code depends on the job entirely. It is completely possible to get a job wearing whatever you are wearing now. It just might not be the job you want.

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Some jobs provide uniforms.

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yeah I turn up each day and am provided with freshly washed scrubs.

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@wakeup: Why have an avatar of a guy in white, starched shirt, designer suit, conventional and strangulating tie, conservative hair cut and shades?

Thoreau said, “Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes,” and he found a job that he liked. He also had more sensible friends to help during some rough times.

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It’s great wearing comfortable clothes that you wear everyday, but I get a great feeling when wearing a suit, makes you look professional and know what you’re doing.

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A friend of mine wanted to get this dream job, he asked me if it was a good idea to get a new suit for the interview, and I told him “yeah of course, but do not show up in a cab” I was joking I promise he took the advice seriously, so, he bought this new italian suit, and bough a brand new car, even though he was not the top applicant he knew it from the get go as he was 24 straight out of college the Japanese guy gave him the job, and told him “you seem like a successful young kid, the job is yours, but next time, promise me you will buy a japanese car laughs

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LOL. What kind of car was it?

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A Renault Clio V6 nice, very nice

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