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How to become a Game Developer?

Asked by Dibowac78NN (102points) August 29th, 2017

So, I was wondering well wondering in general, what is it that I need to know to become a Gaming Developer, or Gaming Programmer, or anything that’s related in the slightest bit to Programming, and such anything could help really, any form of help or advice or answers, and I wanted to wish you all a great blessed day, and I wanted to thank you all for reading my Question, and answering it.

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There are really two separate questions (or skills) needed here.

1) programming technique. Have you been a programmer; have you developed software before? That’s a skill unto itself Programming for a small device is different than programming a website or a mainframe. So the first thing you need to address is your skill in programming – what development platform, what language, and so on.

2) The second thing is: What sort of game? SIngle thread? Multithread? Network based? What’s the object? Will there be graphics? Will there be sound? Touch input or voice input? In other words, what is th game all about and how will it be different from any other game? Will you do your own graphics or will you have a graphics person do that part of it?

Then you need to think about debugging and QA, copyright, distribution, etc.

Concentrate on your programming skills first. I can’t give you a better answer, because there are so many options to choose from.

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You could also consider whether you want to work for a large corporation, a smaller company, or be/join an even smaller “independent” developer. That can affect what sorts of roles you’d consider. As an indie developer, you do many or all things yourself. At a large corporation, you may likely have a much for focused/limited roll, such as the guy who makes the fern animations sway in the wind, or programs tools for content creators.

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The same way you get to Carnegie Hall. Practice, practice, practice.

And also what the two above said.

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I waa thinking about Games like Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear Solid, Sonic, Mario, Csgo, Call Of Duty, BattleFleid, but i wanted to thank elbanditoroso, Zaku, and Pachy for the answers i appreaciate them, they were very, and very helpful, thank all of you, thank you.


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Hire yourself and go straight to market. Employ workers for what ever you can’t do yourself.

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To begin with, you should learn the language games are written. Many companies are ready to take on an internship. Thus, you better understand the very essence of the work and get a minimum of experience

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