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What will design, advertisement be like in the future?

Asked by kaha (22points) August 12th, 2008

If you were to create a piece/s of work which aims to represents a NEW vision (distopian
or utopian) of culture and communication in the future.
Strive to invent your own avant-garde style, be it in typography, font
design, moving image, an advertising technique, illustration, photography
technique or aesthetic, whatever you want, appears fresh to what is known. What would it be.

I am struggling with my summer project. I want to create an anti-visable logo movement. What do you all think?

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How about a Minority Report style of advertising, where is uses retina-scan technology to personally advertise to people? Since google and yahoo have been creating databases of what individuals search for, it will be easy to focus on specific advertising towards people. OLED technology will make it possible to put all different kinds of visual screens all over the place. We will be living in a complete corporate advertising land, bombarded by what to think, what to wear, who to be.

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Or the 5th element….

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But, as I said, I could be wrong.

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Minority report, interesting. Actually i dont know if you guys have seen the digital billboards by the escelotors in the london tube and bus stops? Even thought I do not agree with advertisement, I prefer the digital billboard as there is no paper being wasted.

Chris, you think we are being bombared with advertisement, i feel the some and i know there a lot of people who agree with us.

I was thinking of taking a humors approach to my project. What if advertisement becomes illegal in the future? and people have to advertise on the hush hush, under their coats e.g. when people sell stolen good? is this to silly? lol

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I dont think we are to far from 5th element, lol

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I’m sure whatever form it takes, advertisements will still be stupid, intrusive, obnoxious, and unimaginative (or at the the majority of it).

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I think advertisement will be more tailored to the individual, using data gleaned from various sources, but primarily from the internet, especially from sites that encourage users to provide information about themselves. (Like this one!) I think advertisement will be more subtle and indirect, but probably more effective. After all, businesses do not want to waste money on marketing that does not reap a benefit.

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ye, i agree with that, Advertisement is indeed intrusive. Advertisement today is more subtle (guerrilla advertisement) e.g. Sony Ericsons fake NYC tourists and brand pushers.

Advertisers are even using guerrilla art to get to people who are against advertisement, as it is cost-free and gets peoples attention.

I wonder what their next technique will be?

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