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Can you eat raw green beans?

Asked by EmpressPixie (14728points) August 12th, 2008

I had some for lunch, didn’t feel amazing, did a quick google that said no. Feel better now, I think the icky is more nerves for an event tonight than green beans, but does anyone know for sure?

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I always eat a handful of them (raw) while I’m cooking them. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with raw green beans. I’m actually not aware of any vegetable that you can’t eat raw. Some might just not taste very good.

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I’m not sure what would be bad about eating raw green beans.

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I like to dip snow peas in ranch and eat them. They’re not too different from green beans. Maybe you have an allergy.

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You can but don’t drag me into that. I’m not a big green bean fan.

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If you’re wondering whether it can be done, clearly it can. If you’re wondering if I can do it…well, I can hardly swallow the damn things when they’re cooked.


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I love them raw dipped in honey mustard dressing, but I was concerned. Sounds like it was a me issue, not a green bean issue. Thanks everyone!

(Also, sigh there go my plans for world domination through drugged green beans. Perhaps beets? Everyone likes beets. Can’t imagine anyone not wanting to eat a delicious beet.)

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I like to chop off the ends, and put the raw sting beans in my sandwiches. Better than lettuce or tomato – and a nice satisfactory CRUNCH! My daughter also likes them for school snacks in a ziploc. Cooking stringbeans RUINS THEM!!

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When my daughter was young, she would sit out in the garden and eat everything raw; green beans, peas, sweet corn, rhubarb, etc. Today, she’s an adult (and a wee bit unusual) but I don’t think raw veggies ever hurt her.

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Frankly, you can eat anything you want. Green Beans raw would be one I would feel safe with, though.

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I really like them, raw! Yum!

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The real question is “can you eat them raw”?

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EmpressPixie…..I know from reading your posts and questions that you are not one to be easily influenced. So, having said that, I will give my take on the current spate of bacteria-laden food products in the media. While there are definite causes for concern with regards to some foods, raw produce on it’s own is quite safe. However, the constant handling and transportation of said product can and will affect certain vegetation…depending on the chemical properties and exterior make-up of the product itself.
Bacteria is normally associated with proteins, i.e, animal tissues. When bacteria is introduced to vegetation, it is safe to assume that it has occurred through cross-contamination. The vegetation had to have come into contact with a ‘living’ bacteria in order for contaminants to have invaded. It’s not uncommon though for pathogens to leech their way into vegetable matter. What is uncommon though, is the likelihood of bacterial growth on a product, such as green beans, without a supplement of some sort. That supplement being either a tear in the exterior or a chemical alteration of the plant itself…i.e, processing, canning etc. The first line of defense when and before ingesting a raw plant is to cleanse the material itself, usually under cold, running water. Assuming that you did just that, you can rest assured that you’ve not been invaded by any bacteria… long as the vegetation was not marred by tears or decay. And who wants to eat a decayed piece of ‘anything’. You’re a bright woman. I’m supposing that your mind got the better of you and your quesiness was a matter of ‘hype’. The media does weird and wonderful things to us that way.
I’m not making light of the fact that you felt the way you did. You had just cause. I am, however, here to allay your fears by telling you that any thing that goes through a life cycle has their own natural line of defense. For green beans, it is their impervious outer layer.
Sooooo, wash your hands, wash your veggies and don’t succumb to the hysteria that feeds the masses. You’re much brighter than that.

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You can, but why would you?

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because they are delicious and refreshing.

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aaaand chock full ‘o vitamins in their natural state!

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@mee_ouch: the beans were from the local farmer’s market, picked the morning I got them, washed immediately, and ends chopped off. They were quite beautifully prepared. I just got concerned when I decided to google it and saw something about cyanide existing in small amounts that when cooked is neutralized or whatever, but raw might be harmful. It didn’t sound like the kind of beans I was eating, but they were both called green beans and I decided to go for the “safe”. (For next time, obviously I’d already eaten them.)

But generally I know where all my produce comes from and even a few of the people who grow it – I’m not worried about bacteria laden produce at all. (I will have to eat all of this come winter when the farmer’s market goes away again.)

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Yep I love them. They are good dipped in Ranch also.

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I eat all kinds of raw veggies with no problem at all.

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EP…you’re on the nose when it comes to naturally occuring cyanide….it exists in apple seeds as well. It amazes me just how many natural defenses have the propensity to cause serious harm. I hope you don’t/didn’t take my post as a personal slight. As I said previously, I’ve read some of your posts and I admire both your wit and tact.

I have been known to go off on tangents from time.
BTW…I’m glad you’re well.

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I have to limit how many raw ones I will let my husband and son eat – only cuz then I won’t have any left to cook for supper! A few days ago I bought lots of green beans and wax beans. We ate lots raw and then cooked the rest – they look so pretty together.

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DD….been there…lol

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