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Could the Olympic committee award North Korea the winter Olympics in exchange for stopping its nuclear weapons program?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (11798points) September 13th, 2017

Could it ever happen? Anytime between now and 100 years. As a carrot to strive for?

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I doubt North Korea would ever be so trivial.

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North would have to abandon its nuclear program merely to erect the necessary infrastructure, and even then I doubt very much that they could come up with suitable arrangements. There is the additional impossible risk of exposing the country’s impoverished population to the contrasting relatively enormous affluence of other nations. North Korea is in no hurry to expose its dire poverty to the world nor outside wealth to its hungry citizens.

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The question is “could they” and yes, the Olympic committee could.

I see the issue more of, if they did award anything like the Olympics to NK, NK would have to have a ton of money to build arenas and sports complexes for the games.

Another issue is, would countries send their athletes to a country where they might be imprisoned for every minor infraction? Probably not.

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Sounds extremely unlikely to me.

1. The Olympic committee isn’t really in the business of bargaining for nuclear disarmament.

2. The Olympic committee in recent decades has wanted a huge modern spectacle with many thousands of foreign visitors and corporate media and so on, none of which fits North Korea in any way

3. North Korea doesn’t seem like it would particularly want to host the Olympic games, certainly not as an exchange for its nuclear weapons program. That sounds like one of the least likely deals I can imagine.

4. North Korea would much more enjoy lifting of various sanctions and provision of resources and so on, but is not abandoning its nuclear weapons program to try to get those.

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It is not going to happen for all the reasons mentioned. Additionally, North Korea would be hesitant to have so many foreigners in their country, who would be telling people what life is like where they live compared to North Korea.

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Has NK asked to host the Olympics? If so I say give it to them. I would require that they allow NK Olympians to socialize with the other Olympians, they allow all the usual media and spectators to enter the country.

Will they stop making nukes to be able to host? I doubt it.

If I were a country like NK I would think it takes a lot of chutzpah for the USA to tell other countries they can’t make nuclear weapons when the US is the only country in the work to have every used one, and the US had a policy for years to make bunches of them with the mantra the best offense is defense.

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Wouldn’t happen. Not only would North Korea not agree to it (for reasons mentioned above), but the modern Olympics depend heavily on a lot of corporate money, from buying ad space at the games themselves/ad time on the games’ coverage, to sponsorship of the athletes. This would be crippled in a country that under such severe economic sanctions. If the companies that would put the money into the games can’t do business in/with the people hosting the games then there’s no incentive for them to shell out the money.

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I think that South Korea has the Olympics. Not sure about the details.

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