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If someone made you a care package, what would be in it?

Asked by DoctorWhoGuru (162points) September 19th, 2017

fun question

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Food and snacks. Amazon gift card.

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Ice cream
good movies
good books

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I’d like:-

A voucher that says I can go and spend a day doing anything I like.
A voucher to spend an hour with a fabulous photographer learning from them.
A book they have read and feel I will love.
Movie tickets.
Some wonderful cheese, bread and a nice bottle of wine to share.
A pamper voucher – perhaps a facial or something like that.
A voucher to see some natural wonder – it could be to a national park, to watch whales, to visit an apiary or a place where butterflies are flying free. Something to interact with nature.

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Aspirin. Homemade cookies. A mason jar of hot chocolate mix. A lightly fragranced candle—maybe vanilla sandalwood. Bath salts. An empty notebook and fresh pens. A comfort movie. A long letter from a loved one.

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Simple a check for a million dollars.

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Dark beer, nice smelling bubble bath or bath salts, coffee, chocolate, brownies, and an envelope full of cash.

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Ramen noodles
Beef jerky
Mountain Dew
Juicy Fruit
Five thousand dollars cash

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It would depend on who it was for. Everyone I know likes very different things.

Also, it would depend on why the person needed the care package. Are they lonely, sick, away from home, nursing a broken heart, in need of relief from some difficult situation, bored out of their mind, or whatever else.

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Oy! I read it wrong. Apologies. I should stick to looking at Fluther on my laptop instead of my phone.

I’ll try again: tickets to an figure skating show, gift certificate for California Pizza Kitchen, a walk in the woods with a friend, a box of See’s candy, some delicious teas.

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^Pillow fight!

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I won’t defend myself! :D

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Cheese, crackers and comfy socks.

A nice pair of reading glasses would also be appreciated.

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