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Why do our pupils dilate when we look at or think about something we like?

Asked by jeanmay (3429points) August 13th, 2008

I can clearly notice my young son’s pupils dilate when he looks me in the eye. Why do we do this and how? Is this some hormonal process? What purpose does it serve? Anyone know a good theory? Do any other animals do this?

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I know its part of light entering more into your eyes that expands your pupil.
Source: my eye doctor

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excitment causes activation of the sympathetic nervous system , which among other things causes pupil dilation

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Also, the pupils constrict when they are looking at something close-up (accommodation), so if he has been looking at something closer, like a toy, and then looks up at you, they may dilate.

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it also happens when you look at someone you fancy.

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so you can get a better look at the things you like most :)

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