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Are there any hilarious jokes in kids movies that you're surprised made it into the film?

Asked by rockfan (14627points) September 22nd, 2017 from iPhone

I just rewatched Ratatouille for the millionth time and I love how there are countless number of jokes for adults, especially this one:


In the film, Linguini, the main character, tries to explain to a female chef that he has a pet rat helping him cook, by pinching his fingers together, saying “I have a small…”
And the chef gazes down at his pants, embarrassed.

I laugh every time.

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There is this scene from the Hunter x Hunter anime.
Watch their eyes at the 1 minute mark.

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I like kids movies but not the ones with knowing references and adult humour. If you’re going to make a kids movie make a kids movie.

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There’s a major difference between a kid’s film and family films though. For example, E.T is often seen as a kid’s film, but its actually a family film because it has realistic dialogue aimed towards adults, and humor that might go over kid’s heads.

Whenever I hear the phrase “kid’s film” I think of cinematic abominations such as The Smurfs and Alvin and the Chipmunks.

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Pixar’s Cars has a ton of subtle adult humour in it – from the red sports-car twins flashing their “headlights” at famous race-car Lightning McQueen, to the roadside bar on Route 66 with “All Convertible Dancers”, to the obvious stoner 1960s VW microbus (voiced by George Carlin) going on and on about his “organic fuel”.

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The Shrek movies had a number of them.

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