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What's the best practical joke or prank you ever played on someone?

Asked by deaddolly (3431points) October 7th, 2008

Or, if you’re not a prankster; have you ever had one done to you? Or, got any ideas for some good ones?

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I and a few other buddies arranged for a blind date for another buddy, with a VERY CONVINCING Transvestite; a “birthday present” for him.

What surprised us, is that the two of them spent the entire weekend together.

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@Jack Is that it???? You passed out???? rotfl!!!

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I was the target of an absolute evil joke a few years ago! I was on vacation with a bunch of friends and I left my drink unattended at a restaurant when I went to the salad bar. When I got back I noticed my drink tasted terrible. I should have known something was up when everybody got all crazy when I said I wanted to send it back.
It turns out in the 2 minutes I was gone they managed to crush a 100 mg Viagra tablet and put it in my drink!! Needless to say I slept on my side that night! Even worse they didn’t tell me till the next day! I don’t know how they managed to keep quiet about it, but yeah. Evil!

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There was once a very expensive, very beautiful painting on the wall of an eating establishment that I coveted a great deal. As a group of us were leaving one evening(after quite a bit of imbibing) my brother said “If you like it so much, lets just take it” and removed it off the wall in front of gaping diners. Someone grabbed me by the elbow and ushered me quickly out the front door with the rest of this nefarious group. I was having a time taking this in and kept demanding that we take it back as we are all half walking/running down the street. I was already trying to come up with my story for the police as I was chipping my teeth and finally yelled “THATS IT, WE CAN’T DRINK ANYMORE!”, which everyone found hysterically funny. About that time my husband turned to me and said, “Happy Birthday Darlin’.”.To which I promptly burst into tears.

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i had a bunch of locks that i didnt know the combination to anymore. they were all opened, so we attached them to my friends belt loops. he had to saw them off.

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1) One April Fools Day when I was in high school in P.E. class, I told my closest girlfriend that I was pregnant. I wasn’t. I had her going for almost a half hour while we were playing softball. I was making up stuff left and right about all sorts of things that led to the pregnancy including a non-existent guy I was secretly dating and why it was a secret and on and on and on. We were crying together.

When I finally couldn’t contain myself any longer while we were in the field, I turned to her in tears and said, “Gina? April Fools.” It took her a few seconds to realize what I meant, and then I got chased, tackled, and pummeled. It was the best laugh either of us had had in months. And it was good for many continued laughs any time either of us just turned to the other and said “April Fools”.

2) A CD store me and my ex used to go to was notorious for having the alarm just go off even if your stuff was supposedly demagnetized. They started just not trying to demagnetize purchases since their demagnetizer clearly didn’t work and would just hand your purchases to you over the side of the scanner after you walked through.

So, I once took a magnetic strip off a CD we’d purchased from this place and placed it inside my ex’s belt. Yes, he set off an alarm and I watched him empty his pockets in front of security and all. I can be evil. :^>

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In high school, I held a lighter to my friend’s sweater during history class and the fuzz caught fire. It found a path from his back, up over his shoulders and started moving down his arm before he noticed.

Once he saw it, he shouted, jumped out of his chair, pulled the sweater over his head, threw it on the ground and started jumping up and down on it.

That teacher didn’t like us very much…

No damage to the sweater, btw, except for the footprints.

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@ fireside: Now we know how you got your username…

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I use to super glue my teachers pens and markers closed….

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In high I was a school photographer. We had a dark room that had a speaker from the school wide system in it. One time during exames, we went in there and wired our boom box into the system and played led Twisted Sister’s We’re Not Gonna Take it over the whole sound system during exams. They went around the whole school and couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. They never thought to look in there because it was such a small room they didn’t think there would be a speaker in it.

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My good friend was getting married and I was in the wedding party. We rounded up 50 house keys and handed them out to female guests and told them to bring them up when called upon. The grooms brother was the best man and during his speech at the reception he said “now that Kevin is a married man we ask that anybody that still has a key to his place to please bring it forward” all 50 women of various ages immediately stood and brought the keys forward and placed them on the table in front of the bride and groom. When most of them had returned to their seat, one of our male friends, 6’7” and built like a bodybuilder sheepishly stood and brought the last key up and placed it on the table.

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When I graduated from high school, everyone in my class had a bouncy ball. As we shook hands with the principal, we palmed him the balls, forcing him to take them. It was really hilarious to see him try to keep up with them without letting them fall all over the stage in the middle of our ceremony. I was in the front row and happened to see two fall. I asked my mom about it later and she said, “What bouncy balls? I must have missed that.” So mostly it worked :)

(Also by being in the front, I got to see his face as we realized that yes, we were ALL going to do this to him. It was priceless.)

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Dipped a buddies hand in warm water while asleep

Morning came and my buddy lied about why his bed was naked.

i felt bad because of the elaborate story he made up.

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You know those hoses on the kitchen sink? Well, one April Fools, I tied the handle down with a twist tie and pointed the hose toward where someone turning the faucet on would stand.

I had to wait a couple of hours for my ex to use the sink, but her scream made it totally worth it. I burst into maniacal laughter as soon as I heard it.. She was a good sport about it and laughed with me. :)

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I went to a prestigious private Catholic all-girls academy for high school.

When I was a sophomore, the senior prank was amazing.

The seniors hired male strippers to be running around the school at 7:30a.m., while everyone was arriving. They were running around the tennis courts and through the halls.

The nuns were horrified.

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So this one.Is like the tornado heads on the bus stop and on the bus stop are three people.On that bus stop stand old woman,your best friend and girl or guy of your live.So in the same time you drive a car and you are passing around.What you do?Do you give a lift to some of them or you left them on the bus stop or you stay with them.I all ways put this kaind of joke at some who I met.

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??? I don’t get it….

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It’s a joke sort of problem question he’s referring to, not really a practical joke. I think pathfinder’s first language isn’t English so the term “practical joke” means something different to him.

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A friend of mine named Matt was giving a campus tour here at my University. He was about to enter our activities center, which they’d walk through and exit the other side. I went with the tour, posing as a “prospective student” so I could videotape from a good angle.

As he crossed the parking lot with his group of 30–40 parents and high school students, we had a guy ride up on his bicycle wearing a mask. He stood next to Matt and yelled, “Don’t worry, everything is under control.” While he yelled that, we had a white van pull up in front of the door and 5 guys dressed in all black came out and GRABBED Matt!

While Matt’s female tour guide counterpart tried to calmly lead the tour through the activities center, the 5 guys in the van hog tied him with duct tape and put a bag over his head (he could breathe, don’t worry!). Then, just before the tour reached the other side of the building, they dropped off Matt on the sidewalk and drove away.

So, there on the sidewalk, was a hog-tied man wearing a suit with a bag over his head and duct tape over his mouth. Needless to say, no one said a word until I walked up and started taking off the duct tape. Fortunately, the group laughed—HARD.

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vicks vaporub in the crotch of someones jeans.. trust me its hilarious :) or deep heat works well

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I heard about one in high school. There was a guy on the track team who used to brag about all sorts of things, and he was proud of his manly “happy trail”. When he went to sleep someone hit his happy trail with some Nair. I don’t know if I’d call it funny, but if anyone ever had that coming it was him.

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@maybe_KB that happened to me, except we also put instant mashed potatoes in his bed. Those ones where you “Just add water!”

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I met a guy at a party that was very very drunk and talked to him for a while about various ridiculous things. He kept talking about his personal life and every detail about himself, including his birthday, Two days later, mid afternoon I saw him walking down the street. I approached him and convinced him that I was a psychic, told him tons of things about himself, then told him to be careful because today could be his last day, then walked on. Haha.

At my wedding, a very pretty girl caught the bouquet and a young twenties guy caught the garter. As you probably know, he is supposed to put teh garter on teh girl who caught the bouquet. To make it interesting I told him that we are going to blindfold him with a dinner napkin. As he was getting the blindfold on, we switched the girl out for his uncle. The look on his face as he hit leg hair was priceless.

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It was morning time, and my buddy was sleeping soundly, I put my bare ass about two inches away from his face and slapped his forehead, he awoke, a bit startled.

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I program the computer of their starship talk like Donald Duck.

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yha this is kinda like @cyndyh, one april fools years ago my ex and i decided to tell everyone ”we were finaly prego, though when he got home from work and i went to tell him he cut me off to tell me he lost his job” at the time i didnt have one myself so it was easy to pull off the ”oh crap what are we guna do” every single one of our friends bought it.. we planned to tell every one that night ”april fools” but we forgot to and never did… problem is about a year later i had people that i hadnt seen in a very long time asking me how i was doing and hows my child.. or how old is the baby, or what did i have a boy or a girl.. i for the life of me had NO CLUE what they were talking about for the longest time…

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I don’t do jokes like those. Makes my blood run cold!

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Many years ago at junior college, I did a scene in drama class that required a bottle of Wild Turkey. I carefully brewed tea to look as much like the original stuff as possible, did the scene… then took the bottle to my next class (psychology). We would arrange our chairs in that class to sit in a big circle, and the instructor usually came in after most of us were settled in. I waited until he was there, then very deliberately unscrewed the cap and took a big drink in front of him and 30+ classmates. The looks I got were priceless!

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I have played a few. I have an evil sense of humour. My ex and I used to live on the third floor of an apartment block and one day he had just had a shower and came out wearing just a washcloth and said “I am going to flash you”. So I said… “hmmm, you know it would be a lot sexier if you went in the hallway, knocked on the door and I when I open the door then you flash me…sort of like a stranger flashing me..”. So he went in the hallway… and yes, you guessed it… i shut the door… and didn’t open it for a while. I thought it was funny!!

Another time, a former boss was given a Rolex watch by one of his close friends. He could be a bit of a poseur. He sat there at his desk all day looking at this watch. Our work day ended at 5pm, so at about 4pm, I went around the office and told everyone to pack up and leave as it if was 5pm at 4pm. And they all did. As we walked out he was saying “where are you all going? It’s only 4pm!!!” And we all responded with “no, it’s five…see you tomorrow!!!”. We went upstairs and got the birthday cake we had bought him and some presents and then came back down and found him sitting there with a sad face looking at his watch in dismay. He did see the funny side of it when we all went in and yelled Happy Birthday!

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I was temporarily assigned to Master at Arms duty (shipboard police). I found a package of cigarette papers on my rounds and took them back to the office. I was a little bored so I emptied a cigarette into one of the papers and rolled a pretty respectable looking joint. I lit up when the Chief entered the office. His eyes popped and he slammed the door. “What the hell are you doing?!” I had to come clean before he had a heart attack. I wasn’t one of his favorites. I’m not cut out to be a policeman and the Chief agrees.

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