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Do the purveyors of Fake News have any shame?

Asked by josie (27866points) September 22nd, 2017
After all the drama, it turns out there was not a little school girl buried in the rubble.
Just rubble.
Seems like a particularly heartless fake story.

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No, the purveyors of fake news do not have any shame. But there’s a difference between a fake and a mistake. One important dissimilarity is that fake news requires bad faith. Your own link asserts that there was no bad faith here. So it looks like this was a mistake, not a fake.

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There were little girls buried in the rubble and for a time there was a hope that some might be brought out alive. I wouldn’t call this a deliberate ‘fake news’ story. There would be no point in that. The aftermath of an earthquake is a confused and traumatic time and Navy Admiral Jose Vergara Larra who told media that after four hours of rescue operations they had detected a girl who was alive later apologised for his mistake.

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I’m sorry, but where is the fake news there?

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No, they do not.

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Only the shame we cast upon them.

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Nope, Breitbart and InfoWars are shameless.

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You are totally right. Trump didn’t collude with Russia.

except his son said he did.

It is pretty funny how far you are reaching here. Are you actually using the honesty of the Mexican government as a baseline for the honesty of the President of the United States? They did it stopped being a good excuse in kindergarten.

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The media is always trying to beat each other for information. I remember a lot of wrong details being tossed about after shootings. Each station tries to top each other and grasp onto any information before it can be officially confirmed. The media use to wait, but I guess with them having to beat the internet for stories, they take a gamble now and again in hopes that they have all the actual facts. I learned not to take all the information to heart during a crisis situation of lots of deaths. The numbers of deaths can go up and then go down. The number of shooters can be several and then turn out to be one lone gunman and then jump up to two. Or one shooter and an accomplice. Throw in that some of these reporters may have a language barrier and “un voz joven” a young voice could lead a person to think its a child when it can be a young adult or a person with a youthful voice. I was still in my 20 ‘s and telemarketers would always ask me if my mom or dad was home.

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Yes, Fox news has no shame.

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