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What is your criteria for marking a question / answer as great?

Asked by imrainmaker (7889points) September 23rd, 2017

I know it will differ from person to person and might be hard to articulate. My observation is trivial questions seem be marked as great question compared to some thought provoking ones. What is the criteria that you follow or there is none?

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I like questions that are original, thought provoking, creative, funny, or controversial.

As far as answers. If it is helpful, funny, or I agree with the comment. In regards to questions I ask, as long as a response is on topic, I usually GA them. Even if I don’t agree with the opinion.

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Since I primarily come here to be entertained, I’m more likely to look at trivial v thought-provoking questions. As a result, more serious questions are less likely to get GQs from me.

Overall, my GAs go two ways – witty or helpful.

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I’m pretty generous, and tend to give give GA/GQ when I think an answer/question is “good” and without problems, or if there are several, to indicate the one or several I agree with the most.

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This got so few responses because so many treat this place like fb & dish out only for their “buddies”
Always denied of course but y’know :D

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These days, if it’s all spelled and punctuated correctly, makes a certain logical sense, doesn’t leave too much ambiguity, and doesn’t involve dreams. Or if it’s from @ucme.

In your case, for example, I can’t mark this as a Great Question because in your usage “great question” [sic] should be “great questions”, and the word “criteria” is the plural of “criterion”, so a plural verb form should have been used. And you’re not @ucme.

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When I see well thought out question or answer.
When the poster has less than 100 lurve.
When I read a question, decide my answer, then find someone else has written the same thing.
When some references me, or Kahlil Gibran, or Mahatma Gandhi.

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My only criteria are my own caprices.

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Thanks for correcting @CWOTUS. But that’s what the problem is “And you’re not @ucme.”

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If it is interesting or useful to me, or if it is useful to the community as a whole, I will mark GQ.

For the answers, I give a GA if the answer is specific and useful, and even better if it is super articulate, and even better if it is also witty.

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Well, if someone responds with a useful, interesting answer or asks an intriguing question, I’ll give them a GA or GQ.

In all honesty though, if I don’t like you, you are going to have to work harder than someone I do like to get me to GA/GQ your responses. I will give people I don’t like GA/GQ, but it’s much less likely.

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