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How much of thread do you read before responding?

Asked by ninja_man (1133points) September 2nd, 2012

I have seen a few cases where it seemed that the jelly just up and answered the question without bothering to read the thread. How much of a thread do you read before answering?

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It varies, depending on the number of replies and whether I have time or motivation to read through them. If it’s a general question looking for a fairly specific answer, then it makes sense to see if someone already provided the correct information. Social threads often get off-topic, so sometimes I may type my comment without going through all the previous responses… but I usually will mention at I haven’t read the entire thread.

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I try to at least skim most of the comments, but it really depends on how long the thread is, and how long the comments are.

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Depends on how long; how interesting; how much time I have; and probably a bunch of other things. I feel like I should read everything, but if I don’t, I will usually mention that when I do reply.

On topics asking for personal experience, I do not think it necessary to read everything, although usually those topics are the most interesting ones, so I read everything, anyway.

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All of it. If the answer I would give is already there, I just give a GA to that person and either move on or follow the question in order to see what response the OP gives. If there is something else to add, then I do it. I try to remember to go back and read the original post first, as threads can often get derailed, and I can get pulled into that trap.

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I haven’t been on a rollercoaster in about 25 years, with the possible exception of the ones in Disneyland.

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I don’t have time these days to read a long thread. If I really think I have an answer, I chime in anyway. The best that happens is no one beat me to it and I helped out. The worst that happens is you have a potentially redundant reply to read – boo hoo.

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I read short post, skim the longer ones. Some questions don’t need further input when the initial question has been answered, others invite an opinion from everyone and I may post something then.

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I usually skim them. My answers may or may not reflect the general tone of the comments and or the question.

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If its long, I will usually skim it, unless there seems to be more questions that follow.
If its short I will read all of it.
If the question posted is extremely clear than I may skim the rest. Sometimes I may answer it without reading the rest.

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Funny so far after reading the entire thread, every single answer here is pretty much the same.

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Depends on the thread, the question and my time available. In this case, I will go back and read the other comments but other people’s answers are irrelevant. You asked what ‘I’ do.

In other threads it might be important to make sure I don’t just repeat what has already been said. Sometimes I don’t want other people’s answers to influence my opinion.

Sometimes, the thread is huge and I don’t have the time to read everything carefully.

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I usually skim all the answers unless they are very long. Then I start writing, if I have anything to say. I often have to look back at the original question to see if it really said what I thought it did.

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Even if someone had the same agreement, it could be worded slightly different or one could hold an additional point to make. Stories are like the New Testament. Always something to add and take out of the story. So I really don’t care if somethings said already. I’ll agree with it, and try to add to it. With that being said I do read all the answers before responding. And then there are days where I just want to answer the question without being swayed by another opinion, so I answer it swiftly then I read the thread. There is no one definitive way I personally go about answering questions. Does there need to be? I think not :D

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Usually all of it. If I haven’t read it, I say so when I’m answering.

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Very little…

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I would be pretty embarrassed if I answered an objective question with the same information someone had already supplied. I would feel that I had been exposed as “one of those” people who isn’t much of a team player. At the very least, I read enough to avoid that embarrassment.

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It changes all the time. Like for this thread, I skimmed.

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Most of the time I read all of the posts. Sometimes there are cases in which I have a very definite answer and I want the OP to get the info right away, so I will post and let them know that I will read everybody else’s answer afterward.

I’ve found that with the relationship Q’s you really have to read everything, because often the gist of the Q changes mid way through, or you find out pertinent information that wasn’t divulged in the original Q or details. And sometimes, someone will give an answer half way down through a very long thread that really changes everything. If you don’t discover that, you may be giving redundant or foolish advice if you haven’t got the “new information.”

I’ve also discovered that the relationship Q’s tend to ask one thing and you find out later that there is much, much more going on and the original Q is only a veil for the real question.

Sometimes with food Q’s, I might answer first before reading all of the others, until afterward, because they are opinions about what tastes good. Even if you are redundant, that’s OK.

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I skim at the very least; if it’s a topic I know I’m going to want to respond to, I’ll read all of it. If I’m just mildly interested and not sure if I’ll post, I’ll either read or skim. If it’s a topic I’m just eavesdropping on, more likely I’ll skim than anything else.

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Usually I read all of it. Unless its really incredibly long. But in that case I usually don’t have any kind of answer which has not already been expressed.

(I also read all of the info on the back of cereal boxes and the inserts which come with prescriptions. Ive always been a rather compulsive reader :)

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^^ Me too : )

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Nice to know. I thought I was the only weird one :)

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^^Add me to that list.

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I read everything that is readable; I owe that much respect to both the OP and the responders. And personally, I see no point in repeating what someone else has said, unless the question relates to emotional growth, intimate relationships or other human connections.

I am puzzled, sometimes, to see an answer that resembles mine, down to the choice of words, within spitting distance of mine.

The more finely crafted an answer, the more attention I pay.

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^^ Will think my answers daft if them I do not craft.

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If it has loads of long answers I don’t bother, I know I should though. But maybe I am offering an untainted objective answer??

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I read the question and 3 answers.

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Usually every cotton pickin’ word unless, as with this question, my answer is pertinent only to me and the asker.

What annoys me is when someone specifies something in the details that is clearly ignored by the first post. Question derailed. Maybe there needs to be a “I have read these details and understand them.” box before you can answer.
;-) ~

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Very little…

so I often end up repairing my self

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