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Which TV family did/do you wish you were a part of, and why?

Asked by poofandmook (17277points) August 13th, 2008
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This is so easy….The Partridge Family. I loved and wanted to be Susan Dey.

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The Waltons. They lived in a beautiful place, and they got along so well together.

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Full House.

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7th Heaven’s Family

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The Simpsons. I would be a friend for Marge. Homer has all his guys down at Mo’s. Me and Marge would leave the kids with her sisters and sip cosmopolitans down at the cocktail lounge.

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goodtimes because even though they were poor and yes I grew up in the same situation they were a tight knit family mother and father stayed togather and no matter what happened, they looked out for each other.

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Oh, that’s a great question. I’m happy to be in the family I’m in, so it has to be Arrested Development meets Six Feet Under meets Weeds.

Yep, we put the fun in dysfunctional…

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The sopranos, I look great in suits and I have a “killer” personality

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3rd Rock from the Sun…an alien who looks human…what fun!

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Bewitched. I thought that normal families had dads who worked in an office and moms who had cocktails waiting for them when they got home. Our family was SO far from that! When I married my husband who DID come from a family like that I learned that both sides of the coin are just as dysfunctional.
I still wish I could wiggle my nose and my house would be clean and organized though.

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Or, I Dream of Jeanie and i get to make the wishes

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The Sopranos!

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Futurama. I’d be one of Bender’s cousins, or a slightly smarter Fry (only slightly!)

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The Eight is Enough family because they had more girls than boys, in my house we had three of each and I wanted to be in the majority.

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The Osbournes. Because I’d be rich and have a rock star dad who’s crazy.

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I was going to say the Osbournes too, trudacia lol

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I like the dogs too!

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the griffins from family guy

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HAHAHA FOOLS! Everyone knows it’s the FLINTSONES!

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I want to be Cartman’s big sister!! I’ll show him what evil is!!

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Growing Pains, the Seaver’s or the family on Mr. Belvedere. I always thought both households were cool, and you can’t beat having a butler.

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Nobody said the Brady Bunch… Mike and Carol were the best parents ever! and you get a housekeeper with the deal.

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The Ingles. Pa always got it right.

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Seems I am a lot older than most of you here. I used to LONG to be in a family like they had in Leave it to Beaver, where everyone got along, the parents stayed calm, and reason prevailed in the household! My family was nothing like that.

I also wanted to grow up to be like June, who always had perfect hair, and never took off her pearls and high heels, even when cleaning! Ha. What a laugh!

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well kar I remember leave it to beaver I just wanted to use a family close to my lol

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I can’t believe no one has said the Cosby’s yet! Bill had such a great balance of firm fatherhood, loving husband, and good friend.

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Ohhhh so the Cosby’s!

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The Walkers from Brothers & Sisters. They’re suitably messed up so I would fit right in, and they still like and accept each other.

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the Adams family just because.

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When I was a kid I wanted to live with the Cosby family or with Punky Brewster. Now, I like my family just fine.

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I also like Dawg the Bounty Hinter’s Fam.

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My family is kind of like the Ingles and Punky Brewster’s put together and I love it .

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i would of loved to grow up in the time where sandlot took place

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@ninjaxmarc; Whoa I was going to say the same family ha.

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When I was little, I wanted the Munsters to be my family. :D

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Hi crush :P, what a quiwinkidink huh.

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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Will and Carlton seem like they’d be fun brothers. :p

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Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman…..
Sully was sO rad, and I could follow in Dr. Quinn’s footsteps

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Everybody Loves Raymond. I swear they had secret cameras in our house from whence they wrote the script each week.

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@Seesul – and that Patricia Heaton grrrowlll. Although if I were part of the family, ewwww.

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My Friend Flicka so I could have horses.

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@Bri L: Next door in-laws would’ve driven me crazy, even though I had very nice ones. There were several plot lines that were so close to things that have happened in this household, I couldn’t believe it. Some conversations were nearly word for word.

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@Seesul-here is irony for you. My in-laws live two houses away from us. Luckely we get along great 95% of the time.

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the hiltons… Jk

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ADAMS FAMILY they were kookie but certainly had solidarity and loyalty..dust bunnies were never and issue and they feared NOTHING…and if having only 2 siblings isnt enough I would have gone for YOURS MINE AND OURS! What a hoot that would have been once I got used to everyone and it sure would make living alone feel like a dream!

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Definately either the Addams Family or The Munsters. They were different and proud to be thay way and NO ONE MESSED WITH THEM!!

Or The Osbournes. Never a dull moment and lots of dogs and money!

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The Griffin family from the cartoon show Family Guy. Why? So I could see Peters antics in real life lol.

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The Osbournes & The Waltons sound good. Hard to say but I like the q.

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