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Have you experimented to see if the FB Messenger app is listening to you?

Asked by jca (35989points) September 23rd, 2017

A FB friend of mine wrote that he knows the FB Messenger app is listening because on two separate occasions, he discussed something obscure and shortly thereafter, received ads on FB for those things.

I had the Messenger app on my phone but deleted it. I forgot why but it was annoying. I can’t do this experiment.

Will you try it and see if Messenger is listening to you (if you’re also on FB)? Discuss some random terms you know you’d not normally be targeted for. Perhaps something like ” I want to buy a sewing machine” or “I think I have arthritis.” See what happens.

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I am not on FB, but if what you are saying is true isn’t it over stepping a bit maybe even bordering on illegal?

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I am not sure @SQUEEKY2. I don’t know what the disclosure agreement or whatever it is they make people sign says when they first download the app.

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That is a great test. I do not have messenger and my mic and camera is turned off. . I hope others will give it a try.
I wonder how people handle Alexa/Cortana/Siri/Google/Samsung TV listening .

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I wrote this question on Saturday and by Sunday (within one day), I’ve seen two ads on FB on my pae for arthritis, after specifically mentioning it in my q. I don’t have arthritis, haven’t googled arthritis, but did put it in this question.

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