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What options are there for partitioning a kitchen from the family room?

Asked by JLeslie (61540points) September 23rd, 2017 from iPhone

I like an open floor plan, but sometimes it’s nice to have the kitchen more private. What type of door options are there that can disappear into the wall or create a barrier. I’ve seen shutter like options that go ceiling to counter top, but I haven’t seen door option to the floor.

I don’t want typical folding walls like in a party venue.

Feel free to be creative even if you don’t know if your idea is actually available in stores.

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What about a door on a track, like a pocket door but there’s no pocket?

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A folding wall made of electric glass.

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@JLeslie How about one of these wall/doors ? ?

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Really good ideas above!

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I wasn’t sure if I want a track across the floor. I think that might be odd in a house. It would be nice to have something that works like a track though, and disappears into a wall. I could just use large pocket doors I guess, if the kitchen is shaped right, but I don’t think it will be a wide enough opening.

I don’t want the smart glass, because it will still be a barrier at the times I want it open. It’s probably very expensive too, but I’ve never seen prices.

Thanks though for the suggestions. I hope more come along.

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Is this something you’re going to need often, or just a one-time (or, say, occasional) thing?

I really like standing room dividers, since they can give the idea of “this is party space / this is not party space” without being literal caution tape between the party-goers and the person up to her elbows in bearnaise sauce.

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@JLeslie: How about a pole type thing above the doorway? the door has hooks that slide on the pole. I’ve seen them in restaurants when they have a private room. There’s one here – I’ll see if I can find a photo.

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What about Barn doors{productgroupid}:na:na:na:2&code=PLA15&pid=kenshoo_int&c=276114946&is_retargeting=true&clickid=1a9177f5-c252–4e68-b5ff-2cb502aaf46b
Sorry, but the link does work. Anyway there would be tracks only above, not on the floor.

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I love the barn doors. There’s a house not far from me that’s barn style and my husband and I think it’s awesome.

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@JLeslie: Did you see the video I linked? That’s what it was.

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I’m not sure what you call them over there, but what about recessed doors or cavity sliding doors. They can be as elaborate or simple as you want.

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@jca Yes, I meant my remark for both of you. That’s why no arrows or names on my comment. Just a general I love those doors.

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