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Would you like to learn about mental health?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30619points) October 10th, 2017

Today, Tuesday, October 10, 2017, is World Mental Health Day.

Mental Health America has some superb online screening tests you can take to learn about your mental health. LINK

I live in recovery from mental illness, and I now work in the field. Part of my job is talking to my peers on the phone about challenges they are having in their lives. I get to hear many different voices. Some callers want real solutions, but the majority only want someone to listen.

If you have more questions about mental health, I’ll try to answer, but as always, we’re all helpful here. Someone will find the information for you on the internet.

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I heard that you have to have symptoms for a period of time to be diagnosed with Schizophrenia. How many weeks of remission do you have to have to be considered cured?

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Unfortunately, there is no cure, but there is recovery. The good news about recovery is that there’s no term you have to be stable in order to be in recovery. If you’re stable enough to take care of your basic functions, you’re in recovery. If you want to gain more recovery, you simply try new functions that seem challenging, and when you feel like you did that well, then you’ve reached a new level of recovery.

I live in stable recovery from bipolar disorder. I am not cured, but I am certainly not in the place I used to be in. I’m in recovery.

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So it is the difference between a parole and a pardon for a life sentence.? Dr.s never let go.

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It’s not the doctors who don’t let go. It’s the illness.

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I don’t want to drink the koolaide. I would think that one day I will be emancipated. I’m just paying lip service in till I can live without the government’s sole.

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I also want to be cured. Maybe it will happen. In the meantime, I’m going to do the things to keep myself in recovery.

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Ok. Thanks Hawaii Jake

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