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How much money would someone have to pay you to agree to this?

Asked by gorillapaws (22043points) October 16th, 2017

Let’s say that one day a pair of 2 private detectives approached you with the following offer:

They wanted you to agree to allow them to follow you around for the rest of your life working in 2 12-hour shifts documenting where you go, who you talk to and the content of those conversations, who you date, the details of those relationships, who you are friends with, what websites you visit, where you live, work, etc. What your political preferences are, your income, details about your children’s lives etc. Basically you agree to allow them to try to find out anything they can about you.

The detectives doing this would then be allowed to sell what they find out about you to whoever they want for however much money they could get for it.

How much money per year would someone have to pay you to agree to this?

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Let us be sneaky and say: “200% of the entirety of what they earn from selling that information.”

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Is this a question about Google and Facebook?

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Free internet for life!

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If someone approached me with such a deal, they would leave bloody.

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@zenvelo How much is your monthly internet bill? I’m hoping to put a dollar amount on this.

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“If someone approached me with such a deal, they would leave bloody.”

It’s more or less the deal you agree to by using sites like Google and Facebook.

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Well, I have nothing to hide except stuff I want to hide so no amount of money. Google and Facebook don’t have any access to the stuff I want to hide.

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@gorillapaws All that stuff is easily determined by my phone carrier. They know where I go, who I text, who I communicate with, what I like to eat, what I where and how fast I go on the freeway.

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Tree fiddy.

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The information they get would mostly be available online anyway and would be worth about 15p. On the other hand I would want at least £100,000 a year after tax to allow these creepy detectives to follow me around all day and after a year or two I would probably want to cancel.

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Considering I’d have to share it with people whose privacy I’d be violating by being in relationship with them, maybe $500,000 / year.

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Facebook does it already and they pay me nothing!

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Facebook hasn’t got shit on me.

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No amount would persuade to do that. Too paranoid and I value my privacy too much. Nobody gives a crap what I do anyway. Unless you want to send the entire world population into a coma.

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You have a facebook account even if you don’t know it. The Facebook app on your friends phone gobbles up the contacts on their phones. It will get you. Then it puts all that info together. And it just waits for you to make a account.

Here is a example that happened to me.

1: I had a Facebook account but I never added friends. And all my info except my email was fake. (I never installed the facebook app on my iPhone or Android phone)

2: I met a dude on Reddit and offered to help him with a computer problem. I had him get in my chatroom. Sorted him out and he emailed me a file. He uses gmail and I use Fastmail.

3: So the next day I log into Facebook to stalk a ex and it wants me to add the guy I met on Reddit and talked to in my chatroom (I have no facebook login or like buttons on my site).

4: Pretty sure they matched us up from him emailing me from google to fastmail. He emailed me from his phone and he had the facebook app installed..

So this shit is fucking insidious.

And those facebook like buttons so many sites have. Those hit Facebook servers when they are displayed for you. Facebook knows a good chunk of the sites you visit.

Google is worse….

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@johnpowell Stalking, as in stalking?

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Just making sure they are with a bigger loser than I am. Totes harmless.

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I wouldn’t need to charge very much, at least not initially, but I’d add a substantial fee for leaving the engagement. You see, my average day has me going to the health club and my Mom’s nursing home. On a scintillating day, I might add the market, post office, or library. Those detectives would be so bored, they’d gladly pay the hefty price just to stop following me.

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I am used to that kind of stuff, and I don’t get a penny

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Yep. There’s a reason why Facebook, Google, etc don’t charge users anything – you’re not their customer, you’re their product.

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You’ve got to be joking!

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There was a radio program that reminded me of this question. If you don’t have the time to listen, here is the gist. A company, Persistent Surveillance, has developed a system that involves flying a plane over a city and taking pictures of everything, and beaming them down. If a crime is reported at a certain place at a certain time, they can find the incident on the film, identify the perpetrators, and track where they went.

My feelings on this are very mixed. It seems like a good system for catching criminals, but the ability to handle so much data is frightening.

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