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What are different systems , or styles , of bureaucracy?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (12946points) October 19th, 2017

What are some examples of different systems of bureaucracy (or none)? Humor and serious answers welcome. Sorry that I cant give the first one, I might lurk until I can contribute. What are examples of good bureaucracies and what are some examples of nightmare bureaucracies? Also what would life be like if we curtailed most bureaucracies?

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Good bureaucracy:

Swedish taxes – you get a statement figured out by someone else[‘s computer?] telling you how much was automatically taken out of your earnings, in case you’re curious or want to check for errors.

Tickets I have beaten in the US, by writing a reasonable explanation to the judge and having the ticket dismissed.

UK medical system as I experienced it – if you’re sick, show up at a doctor or hospital for an exam/treatment/Rx, maybe fill out a one-page form, pay nothing and go get some rest.

Border crossings where I tried to show the guards my docs and they just laughed and waved me through.

Environmental protection agencies that investigate and prevent damage to the environment.

Animal welfare agencies that investigate and prevent animal abuse.

Child welfare agencies that do a good job (and don’t make things worse).

Consumer protection agencies that investigate and raise awareness of serious problems with consumer products.


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