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How can I Promote my podcast website?

Asked by Jovayer (4points) October 19th, 2017

I am working with a client on fiverr. He has told me to promote his podcast episode. But where I will Promote his podcast episode by backlinking?

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Post links on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, snapchat.

But DON’T even think about posting links on Fluther. Fluther is not that type of site.

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Backlinking in random places is worse than throwing a naked hook in the ocean and hoping to catch a fish.

You have to consider the audience you’re looking for.
A-number-one: People who listen to podcasts, or would be willing to listen to podcasts.
2: People who listen to (or would be willing to listen to) the kind of podcasts you are promoting.
3. People who don’t yet listen to podcasts but are interested in the thing the podcast is about.

Reddit would be a good place to start.

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