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In what ways did you play with your food when you were a kid?

Asked by Kardamom (30284points) October 19th, 2017 from iPhone

My co-worker and I were reminiscing about getting Red Vines licorice and using them as straws to drink our soda at the movies. What kinds of things did you do to play with your food? Did your parents get mad at you for doing it?

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My best friend used to take Fritos chips and stick them in her Twinky to make it look like a whale. I thought she was very clever. She also put Doritos on her sandwiches.

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I played floor hockey with my sisters burnt cookies. I did the twisler straw too.

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I used to put my food on the floor and pretend I was a cat. Meowed and everything.

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I put sugar on top of my cereal and I pretended it was a chunk of ice in the sea, and as it slowly sunk and disappeared in the milk I was imagining people on the ice screaming as they drowned and then died.

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Hunting them through alleyways and letting them think they escaped, before I crush their hopes by dangling the severed head of their companion with attached spinal cord in front of them.

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@Berserker, I did the iceberg thing too, but mine didn’t involve death.

Mashed potatoe sculpting.
Fish stick barbies.
Blowing bubbles with a straw in my milk. Milk was more rewarding than other beverages because the bubbles lasted, and could be built up to the rim of the glass.

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i would shoot unground pepper seeds out of my air rifle. I’d cock the gun and pour a couple down the barrel.

(My poor Mother.)

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Never mind as a kid, I still play now.
My favourite is to stage mock battles with the potatoes & veg taking on the meat & sauce.
Can get quite messy with the battle of hastings becoming particularly keenly contested.

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Well…never did, really. Not at dinner or lunch, anyway. Did the licorice straw thing. At Halloween I’d sort my candy.

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@ucme Baaahaha you should do the Trojan battle on a turkey dinner night, like where the stuffing hides in the turkey’s arse.

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@Berserker Haha already done that only with toad in the hole each sausage bursting out of the Yorkshire pudding base to the horror of the unsuspecting peas.
Fun with desserts too, a tidal wave of custard engulfs my spotted dick…left third degree burns so it did :D

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Putting two French fries on my canine teeth and acting like a walrus…

I was odd…

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We weren’t allowed to play with our food. Besides, with going on 8 kids in our family, if you were to play with your food, you probably wouldn’t get seconds.

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It never occurred to me to play with my food.

@kritiper if you played with your food a little, but ate it all, you wouldn’t get seconds?

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@Dutchess_III With 7 brothers and sisters, if you didn’t eat fast enough, there wouldn’t be any left for seconds.

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Never left it on my plate long enough to play with it. I was always a chow hound, my parents used to tell me they weren’t sure how they’d keep me in groceries.

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Oh! i forgot! We put cooked carrots in straws and shot them like spit balls – outdoors, of course.

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We used to make a depression in the middle of the mashed potatoes and fill it with melted butter. We pretended it was a swimming pool,

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I remembered another thing. “Old people” will recall Shaffer ink cartridges.
If you cut the top off them they would perfectly hold a firecracker (pre-1964) making it waterproof – except for the fuse. I would shove the assembly into an apple and – Blam! – instant apple sauce all over! I’m sure the wildlife enjoyed it.

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