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What do you think of this click bait called "People share stories of the most hilarious things they've ever had to explain to an adult?"?

Asked by Dutchess_III (39089points) November 8th, 2017


The very first one really through me for a loop:

“When I was back in college, my girlfriend spent the night and when we woke up she asked me how it is that I can find her so sexy in the morning. I asked her what she meant and she noted that I was always aroused. Apparently she had no idea was ‘morning wood’ was or that it honestly had nothing to do with her.” (captainmagictrousers)”

WTH? Most women don’t start spending the night with a guy until they’re 18 and out of the house. I know I sure didn’t. My dad would have hunted me down! How could we possibly know this about boys, or men, until then, especially if she had no brothers?

That’s just the first one. I haven’t read the rest.

You can chime in with your own story, if you want.

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I will tell you that I once had to explain to an almost 40 year old man that the days themselves actually got longer and shorter with the seasons, and it wasn’t just daylight savings time that caused it.

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One time I had to explain to my mom why I had been holding a grudge against my sis. (She had looked my sons report card and announced that he had a D in math). I told her that she and dad had held a grudge forever against an old nieghbor lady who used to yell at us when we crossed her yard. Dad agreed my point was valid and read sis the riot act… lol.

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Most click-bait articles seem to be very disappointing and misleading. In the case of your quote, it sounds like they figured it counted as “most hilarious” because it involved an erection. (i.e. The editor is a fool.)

Seems to me that some adults do tend to have missed some lessons and ideas that others think are basic. To use myself as an example:

* I don’t know how to tie my own shoes in the “standard” way.
* I never learned to ride a bicycle.

And I’m surprised that even very smart adults sometimes:

* Don’t understand fractions.
* Don’t get how the sun can be used to tell time or direction if you know one or the other.

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@Zaku, that was just the first one. And the guy thought it was hilarious that his girlfriend knew nothing about morning hardons. How would we know?

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In the age of the internet it’s a lot more common to know those kinds of things. I’d find it a bit surprising for someone not to know about morning wood these days. But we don’t know when the story happened.

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@Dutchess_III That’s the remarkable thing about it to me – that someone thinks a young girl not knowing about that would be remarkable, and that they think it’s worth writing in about, and someone thinks it’s worth publishing even in a clickbait article like that. That seems like “amazing” (or just sadly disappointing, really) lack of perspective and judgment, to me.

Actually, it seems like a form people are copying in clickbait articles and YouTube videos and sometimes mainstream TV news stories too. State a ridiculously closed-minded vapid perspective, and remark about something stupid in a daft way, and act like your audience probably mostly agrees with you, even though it’s really stupid what you’re saying. I can’t tell if they’re really that stupid or closed-minded, or if I’m somehow that out of touch with popular consciousness, or if they’re doing it on purpose. Probably some mix of all of those, but I don’t know the proportions.

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@Zaku. So many questions and articles beg the response, “So what?”

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