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Can someone help me,with this smart phone question? (Details)

Asked by MrGrimm888 (13499points) November 16th, 2017

I keep getting a notification, that my yahoo sign in has failed. I haven’t been trying to log in. I think my phone automatically stays logged in to yahoo, because that’s where I get my email.

Is this some weird hacking scam? Like, is someone attempting to access my email, and failing repeatedly?

Or, is it just nothing?

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Really depends. It’s probably not a hacking attempt if it comes from the phone’s mail app, but if you have a special Yahoo branded email app, then it might be.

Most apps keep a token rather than having to sign in each time, but sometimes those expire, or change formats, or a number of other things. It could even just be an old password, or even an out of date app.

Best bet would be to note which application is giving the error and then make sure of your settings in there. Sometimes it takes removing the account and then setting it up again, but not usually. Also just make sure it’s updated.

If you’d like, grab a screenshot and put it somewhere we can view, happy to take a look and track down some steps for your phone OS and Yahoo. No worries either way, just realize the above might not be as helpful as intended ;)

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This site says that it may be a browser or feature problem
I know that the answer is for computers, but certain things can be applied to your phone
Such as, instead of updating browser you could update the app if it needs to be.
And you can restart phone and/or uninstall and reinstall the app.

I sometimes get this with google. I don’t think it’s a security issue. For me it’s because I’m also signed in on my computer and I hardly use email on my phone

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Thanks yall.

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Ok. So. My Mom’s Macbookpro, keeps trying to log into my yahoo account. It’s stuck in this window where the password is invalid, but I can’t close the window, or cancel trying to sign in. When I can close the window, the pop up saying that it cannot connect just keeps reappearing. I keep getting messages on my phone that it’s failed. Her laptop just won’t stop trying to connect to my account.

I’m stumped. I’ve spent the last hour messing with it. Any ideas on how to stop the laptop from doing this?

When yahoo changed my password (without my permission) I had to get a activation key sent to my Mom’s email on the laptop, that’s how there was any interaction between my phone and her laptop in the first place.

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It sounds like the Mail app on the Macbook is what was used. I’ve had the same sort of trouble when I use it to test credentials. It gets old pretty quickly.

You can close the app by force quitting it. You might be able to get it done without that, but I’m assuming you tried most other stuff and that will make sure it’s shut down for now.

Probably easiest to just remove the account after that rather than trying to work with it constantly popping up. Go into System Preferences (icon is a gray box with a gear on it) and then Internet Accounts and you’ll see a list of accounts on the left. Remove your Yahoo account all together by highlighting it on the left and then clicking the minus sign below that list.

If you have trouble finding System Preferences, you can hold the “cmd” key and hit the spacebar to bring up a spotlight bar. Just type “internet accounts” in there, hit enter, and it will take you straight to it.

I made a couple assumptions here, so let me know if something doesn’t match up, but hopefully that will get it done.

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^Thanks. I’ll try that.

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Hi,i have same problem with my gmail. Do you have it set up like an authentication and security?My thing is either it could be someone hacking or have u signed in with any other device?or did u get new phone and maybe an old phone has your information on it?

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^I think it’s two separate issues now. My Mom’s laptop is stuck, and my phone automatically tries to sign in, like every 10 minutes. I don’t know how it got logged out. ImI’m just going to have to call yahoo, because they screwed up my password…

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@funkdaddy . Thank you so much,for your detailed explanation. It seems to have worked. My Mom sends her thanks,as well. :)

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