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Is the "ugly Christmas sweaters" phenomenon contributing to the squandering of energy and resources?

Asked by elbanditoroso (24296points) November 20th, 2017

The ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ phenomenon has been around for years – you pick the sweater with the loudest unmatched colors that has a Christmas theme and wear it.

I have never understood why this is festive or even fun.

It takes energy to make the sweaters, and there are the environmental effects of producing the dyes, the sweatshop conditions of the people doing the knitting, and then of course the cost of transporting these garish monstrosities to local retailers.

This seems like one large money and resource suck for such a minimal time to wear them.

Why do people do this?

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Probably no more than the Teen Formalwear industry. 2–3 skanky nylon dresses per year, per kid, for 4 years of high school (assuming they didn’t start going to high school formals in seventh grade like some of my schoolmates did), and those dresses are never worn a second time.

Presumably, one ugly Christmas sweater can be worn for several holiday seasons, and can certainly double as a 2nd or 3rd layer when gallivanting in the snow during not-Christmas, as well.

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Why single out that? I think disposable coffee cups and bottled water do far more damage daily to the environment.

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On the waste of energy and resources spectrum Christmas sweaters seem like a trivial grievance.

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This is a classic example of purchase choice. What you, @elbanditoroso consider a waste, is considered a playful treasure by others.

From an economics perspective, you get to maximize your scarce resources by not buying an ugly sweater.

Others get to spend their money on something that brings them joy.

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Grinch! Scrooge!

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No more than any other type of fad clothing, weddings, whatever.

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I SO agree with @janbb. Disposable water bottles are the devil’s spawn. At least the sweaters are biodegradable.

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