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Does anyone else find it hillarious that Cindy McCain was injured by a handshake?

Asked by dalepetrie (18024points) August 14th, 2008

Should I feel bad in taking pleasure in someone else’s pain? Or should I be shaking my head, wondering wtf, is she made out of glass? God help her if John ever pops a Viagra and wants to get a little rough. And jeez, he’s 18 years older than she is and she comes off as the older looking one?

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I, um, really think that’s sort of funny because… WHO gets hurt from a handshake? Wah wah.

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In her defense, it starts to hurt like a bitch after a good hour or two of nonstop handshaking and smiling. Most campaign events, whether they be at the county level or the federal level, consist of what are called grip-and-grins. I only have to do a couple grip-and-grins per month, and my hand and wrist get sore. John, Cindy, Barack, and Michelle have been doing them nonstop for over a year. So, as funny as it is, it’s not as ridiculous as it sounds.

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I’m not a big fan of the woman, but why was the question just a series of insults?

That sounds like something I would do. Shame on you.

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Grip-and-grin, huh? Nice euphemism.

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what’s next, poisoned by a bad comment about her fashion sense?

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does anyone got a link so I can find out what you gys are talking about?

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btw, if you look at this link, check the picture. Doesn’t Joe Lieberman look like he’s thinking “Oh John, you’re so…dreamy!!!”

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Bad link

Here it is.

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hmmm, wonder why my link went sour? Oh well, trumi had the link I intended to post

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I think it was a defensive wound she got from when John was beating her after a long day of campaigning, and the handshake thing is just a cover story. ;~)

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You missed the last few characters. Not a big deal.

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I did crack up when I read this news story earlier…then I admonished myself for doing so. bad, bad, Augustlan

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i think it was the wrong person getting hurt. it should be McCain.

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too rough with the hand job.

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Hhahahahahahahah..oh my god,....LOL!!

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Dale’s link was bad because it was a link to the A section story which had since been replaced.

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It is funny o he surface, but it seems like it would be no matter who it happened to. My question is: if it happened to a guy, would the candidate admit it or would it look not manly enough?

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Thanks for figuring that one out lefteh. I thought it was strange because I went RIGHT to Google News, pulled up that story, cut and pasted the link…the must have updated it right after I pasted it.

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It’s not hilarious, but it’s kinda funny.

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well actually, since i’m being reprimanded by my dead gramps I’d have to say it’s not funny, it’s like laughing at a kid in a wheelchair who fell down the stairs in comic fashion off a skateboard.

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No it’s not.

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what, funny? or…...

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Your analogy. She just aggravated her carpal tunnel.

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well i meant to say it’s not funny anyone getting hurt.

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@Marina: I think if it happened to a male, especially if here were the candidate, there is no way in hell he’d admit it. If he absolutely had to have a sling or some visible sign of injury, he’d make up a story, substituting a “manly” manner of injury.

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This is the stuff news is made of? What next????

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I’m not seeing any humor in a woman getting injured, even in an unconventional manner.

Can somebody explain to me, in a big grown-up voice, how this could possibly be considered funny?

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The same reason it would be funny to some if an obese man eating a Big Mac stepped on a skateboard and landed hard on his back as the skateboard shot out from under him.

Absurd people getting hurt in absurd ways can be absurdly humorous.

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Wow. Great analogy.~

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There’s no analogy there.

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@knot: I don’t think it’s funny that she got hurt, just how she got hurt. I’d think it was funny if it happened to me, too.

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The reason behind the humor is the same in both cases; there is no direct comparison between the two situations. As augustlan said, it is not the fact that a woman got hurt that is funny. It is the absurdity of the injury that is funny.

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Fine. Maybe I need to go to bed. I gets cranky when I’m tired.

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As do we all :)

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not me only when i’m hungry, and when that happens take cover.

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I didn’t think it was funny that she got hurt or anything, but I think its funny that like it was because of a handshake.

Like seriously.
How often does that happen?

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all I can say to your question is…

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She’s a Barbie doll. And we all know they’re made of plastic…so I’m sure she’ll ‘recover’.

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what the!! WHO gets Hurt FROM AN HANDSHAKE???

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No, not funny at all (and I’m not pro McCain)

Candidates and spouses have to shake a lot of hands in one go and they all, ultimately, learn a method that allows the contact without injury to self. The old firm clasp doesn’t work in campaigns.

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Wow, I cannot believe people think someone getting hurt is funny. Shaking hand after hand takes its toll. Just pray you don’t get some freak injury when you least expect it. If you do, just remember the karma you are saving up.

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Is it funny that Ann Coulter’s jaw was wired shut?

I found that hilarious…

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Poetic Justice, if I’ve ever seen it!

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Now I have to agree, the Ann Coulter story is FAR more hillarious than the Cindy McCain one.

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I want to know how it happened. I sense a story there. Oh, and hahahaha…

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I fid it fricken hilarious. LOL

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@spywacko , yes I think that is completely hysterical. (M)anne Coulter is the most ridiculous tranny EVAR.

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@lefteh Thanks for pointing that out! I too at first thought Ms. McCain must be a fruitcake, but your comment put it into perspective…. ;)

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No. I was raised by good grandparents who taught me that it wasn’t acceptable to make fun of another’s distress.

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