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What is it about camping that causes me to wake up at dawn to Do The Things?

Asked by Dutchess_lll (1150points) November 24th, 2017

At home I’ll sleep til 8, 9, 10…noon easy! But when I’m camping I wake up at about 5:30 ready to do The Things even tho there isn’t really much to do, unlike home.


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Because when you are camping your body is much more in tune with the natural world, including the amount of light.

People camping tend to go to bed much earlier than they do at home, so they get a good night’s rest, and wake up earlier than normal.

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Not sure if I love it or hate it because, Lord, I do like to sleep! But then again there is something fulfilling about getting up so early.

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Instinctive fear of predators, like bears, wolves, or Roy Moore.

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The hell with it, the whole point of camping is to get away from it all for awhile. Sleep in till 11 or noon, then lounge around camp or go exploring. What is there to be done that is so pressing at a camp site?

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There also is something fullfilling about getting up to chow down on bacon and eggs and then going back to bed.

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@Dutchess_III – Have you been camping these days bcoz i don’t see you active on Fluther recently..)~

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The Light.

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A lot of times I find it is because you tend to go to bed earlier. And, it is not the light so much that determines when I get out of bed as it is the temperature…...........and also my bladder.

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@NomoreY_A Well, at home I’m not on any schedule. I can sleep till 11 or noon at home, easily, but I try not to.
I’m in charge of all the cooking and cleaning. In a camper, it can get cluttered really fast if you don’t stay on top of it.

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