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What is wrong with my friend's vehicle (details inside)?

Asked by rojo (24136points) November 28th, 2017

So, went on a trip this weekend and my friend’s 2008 GMC Yukon was, in my opinion, not right.
It has a sway, kind of like when you have a trailer on the back and it starts to move the truck from side to side in high winds.
But this is not with a trailer it is just the truck. It occurs repeatedly but particularly when the road gets a little less than optimum, pot holes, wavy asphalt, that kind of thing. It rocks side to side, slowly increasing and then gradually subsides.
I think his shocks are shot, another passenger says his sway rod is not working.
Any thoughts?

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Big vehicles are susceptible to even gentle winds. So , it’s possible that you just aren’t used to being in that big of a vehicle.
The shocks could certainly be soft.
If the wobbling got worse at higher speed, it could be tire issues, or a part in the hub, or axle.

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@MrGrimm888 thanks, I don’t believe it is a wind issue. It can happen at low speeds it is just more pronounced the faster he is going. Most of the trip was done in the 65 – 75 mph range and thinking about it I seem to recall that there was something, a bump or an uneven road, that made the vehicle start to sway. It didn’t just happen, there was a small and what I would consider insignificant boost that make it noticeable.

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I was in a vehicle which did like that. It turned out there were three busted motor mounts.
Lots of stuff can go unnoticed. Sometimes the culprit turns out to be something you would have never thought.

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It could also be something as simple as low air pressure in the rear tires.

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I’d say you’re right on with shocks and possibly add alignment to the list.

The alignment is really easy to have checked, some places do it for free*, so I’d start there. I’d never had it done on my first umpteen cars, and finally got talked into it when doing some brakes, it made a huge difference.

* – actually free, like they’ll check and then give you a report, which you can drive away with

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Check the bushings in the anti-sway bars and the action of the shocks. The shocks should show no signs of leaking oil and when the vehicle is bounced aggressively, should not bounce more than twice. (Get some body weight on it, and make it bounce. Jump off and count the residual bounces.)

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