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If the police take a camera as evidence, do they use all illegal things on the camera as evidence or just the ones pertaining to the case?

Asked by CrusoeStudio (155points) November 28th, 2017

I got into trouble a while ago, and I have court tomorrow. I had my camera with me and they took it as evidence against me. they put in the police report the things on it pertaining to the case, but there are other videos on the camera of illegal things that have nothing to do with the case, or anything I can be charged with, but will they bring up the other videos as a kind of like a addition to my profile? I will have family there and if they see the videos it will be bad. keep in mind I’m a minor and the charge is criminal mischief.

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I’m no expert, but I guess they will use your things to charge you with other cases at some other time. They won’t bring up the videos in your upcoming trial, but they will in some other trial for whatever is wrong with the videos, if that illegal thing is big enough for a trial.

They have the camera with them? Bad luck for you. Your family will know about it one way or another. Either accept your fate or find a really good lawyer.

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They might cut you some slack. But, they might decide to add extra charges on. Just make sure you cooperate and aren’t screwing around then they might ignore them. Depends on what you mean by “illegal” though

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You need a lawyer. The big question is what is admissible evidence; why do they have your camera?

Tell you parents you are worried about what may come to light; you don;t have to be specific about what the police may find, but tell them you need a lawyer.

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The illegal thing is drug use, but I can pass a test now.

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They would have to bring new charges against you. When you have a criminal case in court they don’t add on more and more charges. They obtain a new warrent and try those charges seperately from what you face already.
It is more real now, isn’t it? “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.”
I’m sorry you face being embarrassed in front of your family, but this is a perfect demonstration on the perils of irresponsible behavior.

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They will hit you with different charges later.
That is why you do not keep incriminating data on an unsecured device like a mobile phone.

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This is a question you should probably ask your attorney.

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