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Where can I find old weather forcasts?

Asked by fortris (680points) August 14th, 2008

It is very important. Where can I find the weather forcast for August 3–8 for Chapel hill, North Carolina.

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Protip: Most current weather forecasts are based on historical trends. Watch the news and you can likely get today’s historical facts on any weather forecast.

Protip 2: Almanac is your friend.

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Gee, thanks lovelocke, for doing a google search for us!! Such a funny thing just happened to me!! I clicked on the first six sites, and found no old weather forecasts. Isn’t that strange!
Oh, hey, you know what? Maybe fortris did that search too! And maybe he also looked at the sites, and just maybe he found the same thing I did! Nothing! Wouldn’t that be such a funny coincidence?!

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Edit: I just realized this site that I thought was helpful is not exactly what you’re looking for…

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@fortris: I’m doing the best I can, but it is really hard to find old forecasts. The best I could find for you was August 10. There are archives of US forecast maps such as this one. Just enter the day you want. The other thing I can suggest is that if it is really important, you can always call your local weather service office. Finding old forecasts is hard (unless you are OK with model output, but generally you have to have a pretty good background in meteorology to understand those). Finding archives of actual observations is much easier, as la chica shows you, above.

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I clicked the first link, went to “Climate & Green” and clicked “Climate Data”. Quite a bit of historical data there.

There’s a funny coincidence: Maybe both of you didn’t know what you were looking for?

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Well why didn’t you tell him to click the first link, and then click some other stuff if that’s what you did. I clicked the link, saw the normal weather channel page that I’m used to looking at, didn’t see any blaring headlines about past weather, and moved on. Why try to help if you’re not going to help, lovelocke?

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@lovelocke and la_chica: S/He asked for archived forecasts, not climate data. There is a difference. A difference that makes it exponentially much more difficult to find such information. For example, if s/he is trying to compare what was forecast to what actually occurred, s/he would need to have the forecast in addition to the observations or climatology.

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Why didn’t you? Or would it have been more productive to start typing like you knew some s***? Google FINDS the page for you, past that it’s all human interaction that’ll get the data for you. Try searching the pages themselves instead of just clicking on the first 10 pages of crap, looking at irrelevant banner ads and deciding, with 100% of your might, that “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for”?

…and we stop following. :)

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Les, I know that. I edited my 2nd answer like 3 seconds after I typed it saying I didn’t have anything. Did you read it before that perhaps?

Lovelocke, why didn’t I what? I haven’t done a lot of things today. Are you drunk? You’re a little…incoherent. I can’t understand what you’re getting at.

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Okay, to make this clear. I want to find the weather forcast for August 3–8, 2008. JUST the temperature. Sorry I didn’t make it too clear.

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@fortis: So you do want the forecast, not the actual temps?

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No, JUST the temp. I have a deal* with a “friend” that he only picks me up in 90+ degree weather. He picked me up all last week and just suddenly sprung this policy on me. I want to make sure that he’s been going along these rules the entire time.

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*when I say deal, he sprung this up at me on Monday. Co-incidentally, he was mad at me Monday. I want to make sure the “deal” has been with him the entire time, because he picked me up every day.

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This is the best I can find, I have to get back to work. Just select a city and click on “archived data”. There should be info about the highs and lows for the day you picked.

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@les Thanks for the help.

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Try the newspaper archives for the area…should have forecasts, if not actual temps experienced on those days.

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farmers almanac?

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I use wunderground

Here is the weather for Chapel Hill on August 3, 2008
Drag down the date bar for the rest of the dates.

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@Seesul that’s a great link – I enjoy looking at this kind of stuff.

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