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I'm an artist so what could become of my upstairs playroom now that I came of age?

Asked by Romy8555 (26points) 1 week ago

it has to operate with my downstairs art studio

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Storage for your supplies.

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What is that playroom like currently?
I am over half a century old, and I would like to have a playroom.
Perhaps you have something more infantile than I am imagining.
To advise you on a design change, we should know more about you.

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it’s painted white with beige carpeting I used to use it as a playroom but I’m trying to think what kind of room it should be now but I only have very few spaces to decorate around it

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Okay, but we don’t know if you have family, do you attend school, have pets, what kind of art?
The possibilities are infinite.
More info is needed
It could be converted to anything from a cannibus garden to a weight room.

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oh ok I have a mom and a dad and a sister that lives in Queens NY I’m done with school I volunteer everyday I have one cat and one dog my artistic genre is pop art

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One of my daughters moved back home to help pay off school loans, and she has a room like that. She turned it into her own private living room, separate from her bedroom. She has specifically designed it for playing games and watching movies, and it’s decorated with her favorite superheroes. Looks nice, too!

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Perhaps a crafting room, to keep other interests separate from your artwork.

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