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What are some cool things to do with a 12x14 room?

Asked by Esedess (3444points) January 9th, 2012

Realizing I basically only sleep in my bedroom, I moved my bed to the guest room, freeing up the master room for something uniquely functional.

The basic dimensions of the master bedroom are 12×14.

I WAS hoping to put a pool table in there, but after some 3D mock-ups and a little investigating, I don’t think it’ll work comfortably.

So now I’m a bit stuck. I don’t want the room to just mirror the functionality of my front room (movies/music/general hanging out). But aside from a pool table I can’t really think of anything I would REALLY enjoy in there.

Any ideas help! (Don’t be afraid go a bit crazy! That’s how I roll)


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If I had that extra space right now it would be a gym. Right now all my gym equipment is in a hanger at the airport and I rarely use it.

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I would build a mock treehouse. Video games and movies above and a zipline to get down the four feet to the door.

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Rent it out?
A gym?
Meditation room?

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Ha! I like it, but it sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen… lol
Also, I’m not a huge gamer. I have an N64 and Sega I still play, but that’s about it. On the right path as far as crazy goes though!

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Are you a christian or atheist? It matters for the question, lol.

Just kidding, maybe an exercise room? Why pay a monthly fee for a gym when you can get some exercise equipment and do it there.

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I’d pull up any carpet to clean, paint and seal the cement (assumption) below to a smooth surface. Wall to wall mirrors would be mounted along with a barre bar on one side and tiny twinkle lights tacked into place along the ceiling meeting the walls, all the way around the room. From the ceiling I’d suspend some sort of artsy chandelier. Blackout curtains over sheers would give versatility too. You’d have a dance space, workout space, meditation space, painting or crafting space, all with easy clean floors.

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Maybe some day… In the meantime though, I JUST kicked my roommate out because he split my head open with some bar magnets. So yea, to put it simply, I’m just not quite feeling the roommate vibe at the moment (lol).
Anyways, I can afford the place on my own pretty easily, and I’m gunna try and soak it in while I have the chance.

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So far I like that idea the best! Pulling up the carpets could be a pain when it comes to moving out, although I would TOTALLY do it if I owned the place. Your idea made me think “stripper pole” though (lol)! I hadn’t thought that one yet… Hmmm~ Something to consider.

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What do you like to do? If you like to work out then yes, a space to exercise in would be great. Do you sew? Write? Paint? If you are into anything like that, make it a work room. Paint it a colour that will inspire you, put up some shelves for your books and a desk in there or an easel so you can write or draw or paint. It is good to have a space you can work in and leave your stuff without having to put things away.

Too small for a pool table. You need room to move around and not hit the walls.

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