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What is your favorite Thai dish?

Asked by Kardamom (29640points) December 9th, 2017 from iPhone

There was a recent question about Thai red curry, and that got me thinking about Thai food in general, which I love. If you like Thai food, what is your favorite dish?

My favorite dish is “Pad See Ew with tofu”:

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egg fried noodles.

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Royal Duck Curry – - Slice of Maple Leaf Farm duck breast cooked in a fruity red curry with pineapple, grapes, tomato, bell paper and Thai Basil. Served at a local Thai/French restaurant.

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So many good choices… on a cold day like today, Tom ka soup is hard to beat.
Nam sod salad is another great one.

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At my current favorite place I usually get the Pad Thai. From the menu:
“Thin rice noodles stir fried in our Pad Thai Sauce with egg, bean sprouts, green onions and ground peanuts then garnished with fresh bean sprouts, red cabbage and cilantro. Choice of chicken, beef or tofu.”

There was a place where I would get a salad made with ground chicken. I think that was Nam Sod. Lots of lime. The restaurant closed years ago, though.

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I also love “Green Papaya Salad”:×960/3756419.jpg

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I really enjoyed that deep fried whole red snapper I used to order maybe twice a month until that restaurant took it off their menu.

Three different sauce choices and I preferred it on the side not on the fish, to keep that nice fried smell going.

Next to that I love their coconut ice cream over sticky rice dessert. Lastly, Thai iced tea.

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I really love chicken panang curry.

I also love something that I used to get on the West Coast but I have not seen in East Coast Thai restaurants that was (choice of meat I went with chicken again), on a bed of spinach with peanut sauce. It was called variously Swimming Rama, Showering Rama, and in one notable translation fail, Drowning Rama.

At my current favorite thai place I get something that I never had before: a veggie curry puff. The pastry is wonderful and the seasoning and sauce are great!

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Tofu panang (red curry sauce) with brown rice.

Thank you for the link to a vegan Thai dish, and for your recommendation. I just printed the recipe and will try it this week.

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I favor a good Pad See Ew too, and Tom Ka soup. If the chicken is humanely produced, I like it with chicken. Choo Chee Salmon can be amazing. I also like various curries and many other dishes – it depends on the restaurant.

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POCKY chocolate cream covered biscuit sticks by Glico.

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Yellow curry. Dat sweet and spicy….mmmmm.

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@kritiper, I think Pocky is Japanese, but they are yummy.

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Glico, the company that makes Pocky, makes curry, too. Yes, it’s Japanese. The Japanese grocery stores (in the US) I’ve been to have shelves and shelves with packaged curry.

Glico curry Google search

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According to a package of POCKY I have here, it is a “Product of Thailand.”

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I did not know they made Pocky outside Japan. Now I do, thank you. I googled and found this:

Asian Food Grocer – Thai vs. Japanese Pocky!

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@ragingloli “Egg fried noodles.” “Egg fried noodles??” Really? They fry noodles like eggs?

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Lumpia, I have a friend from the Philippines that makes them for different events we go to as an appetizer. I’m first in line !

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@Tropical_Willie, I think lumpia is a Filpino dish, not Thai. Although it is delicious.

Interesting @kritiper to learn that there is Thai made Pocky. Thanks for the info : )

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@Kardamom it is both I believe. His grandmother was Thai.

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