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Do you use Mirena? If so, what do you think of it?

Asked by girlofscience (7550points) August 14th, 2008

I just got home from the gynecologist, and my doctor decided that I am a perfect candidate for having Mirena implanted in my uterus. I had read a lot about Mirena before the visit, and after talking to my doctor, it seems absolutely perfect for me. My doctor uses it herself and loves it. I am quite excited about this! She even wrote me prescriptions for Valium and Percocet to take before the procedure, so I will not feel uncomfortable while it’s happening.

Follow-up question: Does anyone use NuvaRing? I have one in now. I had previously used Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo (for 5 years), but I ran out of pills and was really bad about taking them regularly, so my gynecologist put a NuvaRing in me at the visit today to serve as birth control until I go back to get Mirena.

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Is Mirena the one that you don’t have to do anything with until you decide you want it removed?

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@poofandmook: Yes.

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i heard that can be pretty dangerous, and sometimes causes etopic pregnancies, and those are never good.
that’s just what i learned in health class though.

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Okay, IUDs prevent pregnancies from occurring in the uterus, so the only ones that could occur are ectopic pregnancies, but these are extremely rare and could just as easily happen without an IUD…

There doesn’t seem to be anything actually dangerous about them at all. Just a bunch of myths.


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A good friend of mine uses Mirena and loves it. I think if you are a good candidate for it and don’t have problems with recurrent infections then it’s probably a safe choice. The only thing I would ask questions about would be any side-effects from taking a progestin-only birth control.

Here’s a link to a factsheet on IUD’s:

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Thanks, Kay! Just read that all over. I already knew all of it because of all the reading I had done in advance and the discussion I had with my gynecologist today. But it was nice to see yet another detailed, positive review of Mirena.

Apparently, only 2% of women who use birth control use IUDs. So shocking! Why wouldn’t more people use this amazing creation? It’s everything you could want…

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Why don’t more people get them?
Some ideas:
-I had one in the 70’s and got pregnant anyway. Perhaps everyone heard about it?
-Some people get cramps.
-You can’t decide to whip it out when you and Mr Right have a sudden revelationt that
you need to get the baby going TONIGHT. The doc has to be in on it.

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I got an old fashioned IUD instead of Mirena because i REALLY can’t deal with hormonal birth control. Even though my doctor told me it was localized and not a lot of hormones, thats also what he said about the Nuva ring and i went totally crazy on that, so i went with the copper one. I do have way heavier periods, but thats really the only bad thing about it and i HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting an IUD. I can’t imagine doing anything else. so so so so worth it.
anyways, here’s a blog i wrote about it:

good luck!

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I don’t recommend the Mirena to anyone because I had it for 6 months. That entire 6 months, I had terrible cramps, terrible headaches and it came down to me bleeding for 37 days straight before I made an emergency appt to have the stupid thing removed.

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