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What do you think is the oddest event in the Olympics?

Asked by Snoopy (5798points) August 14th, 2008

I had never even HEARD of synchronized diving. I looked up at the TV….and thought “what the..?!?”

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I think it is ribbon gymnastics. That is so not a sport.

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Marina…I forgot about that one…. LOL

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Did you know that they added tanning (as in sun/salon) as a new Olympics sport?

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Trampolines… Still shocked! Highest degree of difficulty, jamming a song while doing your trampoline routine.

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Table tennis…I mean, since when is a glorified version of ping-pong a sport?!

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Modern Pentathlon is odd to me. It’s fencing, shooting, swimming, running, and horse jumping.

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Simone….Wow! Sounds like the perfect sport for someone w/ mulitple pesonality disorder.

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It would awesome if they combined all five of those into one event.

You ride horse, in a pool, you get a sword and gun and you have knock they other guys down. That would be awesome!

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LOL! That would be awesome!

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There’s some controversy, though, because it’s impossible to achieve gold or silver.

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Synchronized Patty Cake. Also Men’s Sword Fighting. No, I don’t mean fencing

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@snoopy—Sounds more like a sport for ADD sufferers.

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@ Kevbo – AWESOME! At first I thought you were joking about early Doonsbury cartoons where zonker was a professional tanner. Then the punch line. Great one.

@ Marina I agree. Foolishness.

@ simone I like the way you think.

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Indoor Table Tennis… AKA ping pong.

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Live Pigeon Shooting although it was discontinued early last century.

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Ball Room Dancing. WTF?

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Rhythmic gymnastics

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Steeplechase, it’s race that horses do but for people.

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