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Was there any feat that you wanted to achieve as a youngster?

Asked by imrainmaker (8339points) January 5th, 2018

What was it and were you able to fulfil your dream and how?

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To be academicly advanced to university. From grade 5.

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To drive a vehicle at Bonneville Salt Flats at over 250 MPH.

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I wanted to be able to fly. Really. I thought that if I practiced enough, I could do it. Acquired a lot of skinned knees instead, and my persistence was really hard on my mother’s small collection of silk scarves (you need a cape for flying). I must not have picked out the one with the right magic, though, because I never overcame gravity.

I also wanted to write books just as soon as I caught onto the fact that authors were actual people. I haven’t actually published a book, but I’ve edited a lot of them.

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I wanted to ice skate. We live in Southern CA, and there was no snow, frozen ponds or ice rinks around here when I was a kid.

When I was 5, my dad took me and my brother camping for the first time. There was a really wonderful outdoor ice rink up in the mountains that was open year round. We were there in the summertime. I finally got to ice skate.

Up until that time, Inwas convinced that the surface was wax, rather than ice.

I’ve loved ice skating ever since.

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To fire off a Kame Hame Ha.

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I really, REALLY wanted to catch a live bird. My younger brother and I would upturn an empty carton on the lawn and prop it up on one side with a stick. We then tied a long piece of string to the bottom of the stick. We put a short trail of bread pieces on the ground, leading up to and into the box. We then lay on our stomachs, out of view of the birds that would come. We waited and often had the opportunity to pull the string. Unfortunately our plan never worked and my dream was never realised.

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I wanted to be an astronaut. Needless to say that didn’t happen and never will.

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Well, maybe to escape the state of other people wanting/needing me to do things I don’t really want to do. Hard to achieve without becoming a hermit.

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^wow..So u can do that?~

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Not well enough to claim it, but I wanted to very deeply.
I tried a lot.

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Be an X-Wing pilot. And no, I’ve never been able to accomplish that.

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I always wanted to become an actress, a famous movie maker, or make games.

Now I’m scared of acting, and I don’t want to be famous. However, I like to voice act, and I got a part recently in an anime abridged series!

And in terms of making movies, I’ve been practicing animating lately! I’ve made one small animated short.

And then last but not least, I have some games planned! Two are visual novels, and two are RPGs! (Yes, I take on too many projects.)

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I wanted to be “Annie” on Broadway. SOOOO badly. No, I never accomplished it. But, I did see it on Broadway in 1980 and met the composer. Also I got to play Annie twice in community theater.

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