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Was the IRS office closed today since it is the Martin Luther holiday?

Asked by Cinamingrl (82points) January 15th, 2018

I filed my Federal tax return by e-file yesterday, last night. I paid and it’s been sent to the IRS. But I haven’t gotten the usual accept email yet, it usually takes less than a day for it to be accepted. So with that said, I was wondering if the holiday today effects that IRS office.

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Today is a federal legal holiday. They had the day off.

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You can’t file until the 23rd of January.

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^Beat me to it

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@Tropical_Willie How come? The 15th is usually the filing date for quarterly estimated taxes or is this for the actual annual taxes?

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Annual taxes @janbb !
“Federal tax return by e-file”

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^^ Yeah, I got that was just clarifying for my own knowledge.

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