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Is sodium carbonate Na2CO3 and bicarbonate NaHCO3 one of the primary standard substances?

Asked by john1999 (9points) January 22nd, 2018

is it?

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Why are you asking us these questions?

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Na2cO3 is. Not sure about the other one.
@Dutchess_III pretty sure these are homework questions just like his other 4 he has asked related to chemistry. The wording is what you’d see on a homework page.

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you aren’t answer these questions?

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I just did. Na2cO3 is one of the primary substances but I don’t know about nahco3, sorry.

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Why don’t they just Google it @SergeantQueen?

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no idea, that’s literally what I did. I know nothing of chemistry
I googled it and I got these two sources that should answer your question
Source One
Source Two

I am not in chemistry, but I know a lot of chemistry+physics homework questions can be googled word for word (which is what I did, I copied and pasted your question). Nothing wrong with asking questions like this but when they are supposed to be homework (your own work) and/or easily googled by a copy and paste, you might not get the best answers on here.

somehow asking a question on here is faster than an easy google??

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The last time I took a college course to keep my teaching license current, I took an on-line astronomy course. Man, every single question on the quizzes and tests could be found word for word on Google. It was disheartening from a teacher’s POV.

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Same for math, I can find a calculator that can do practically all of my online math

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Are we forgetting that certain countries have Internet censorship ? I’ve seen this before. @Cazzie used to help these people. I don’t think that some can get to certain sites. Providing a link, or answers, helps some people in those types of countries. Apparently Fluther isn’t a site that is prohibited….

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