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What books from your childhood have you reread and still loved?

Asked by janbb (53797points) January 22nd, 2018

I’m rereading a hokey old novel my Mom gave me as a child called The Keeper of the Bees by Gene Stratton Porter. It’s about a wounded WW I who gets better by taking care of an old man’s bee farm on the coast of California. Just delightful.

Anything that you’ve again and enjoyed thoroughly?

(Putting this in General to discourage snark.)

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Wrinkle in time
Watership Down
Lord of the Rings
Lensmen Series

Just to name a few

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Oh, so many! One example, the original Doctor Doolittle books by Hugh Lofting.
And now that you’ve reminded me, I want to dig them out and reread. :-)

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@canidmajor What about Mr Popper’s Penguins? I haven’t reread that one.

@Rarebear Are you going to see t he movie of Wrinkle in Time? I’m worried they screwed it up.

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Frog And Toad Are Friends
The King’s Stilts (Doctor Seuss)
The Hobbit
The Military History of World War II by Trevor Nevitt Dupuy
The Fantasy Trip (roleplaying game rulebooks)

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Oh, yes!
And I still love my Nancy Drews, even though they are so dated now.

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Swallows and Amazons.

I bought it for my kids when they were in grade school, but I re-read it first.

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Just yesterday I discovered a used copy of very obscure book by Philip Briggs called “The Silent Planet” is available on Amazon. I loved reading this when I was in primary school and I am tempted to buy it to see why it appealed to me so much. I am pretty sure it is awful.

Books I have enjoyed rereading are CS Lewis’s Narnia series and “The Enchanted Castle” by E Nesbit.

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@flutherother Me too on Narnia and E. Nesbit!

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Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, Little Women.

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@KNOWITALL, I hated hated hated Jane Eyre when I read it at 13. I loved loved loved it when I reread it at 38! :-)

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Ferdinand! Thanks, @Zaku, for reminding me. I bought that a few years ago for my daighter, when I learned her school library didn’t have it.

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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I discovered this novel at age 14, and I re-read it frequently. I predictably cry at all the poignant spots.

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@janbb Of course I am and of course they will!

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I reread Little Women and Little Men countless times as a child and still love them. I also have read Pride and Prejudice numerous times.

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@canidmajor It’s a great story. I hated the man when I was younger, too, and thought it boring the first time through. Crazy it was her first published novel!

<p>“I ask you to pass through life at my side—to be my second self, and best earthly companion.”</p>


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@janbb I have read The Keeper Of The Bees in the last few years. I think I had read about it here, maybe form you? I had read some of Gene Stratton Porter’s other books, A Girl Of The Limberlost and Freckles. I could, and may reread them all.

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@wilma I’m glad you liked it. It’s such a sweet, sweet book. I probably have mentioned it before. Are the others as good? I haven’t read them.

Another book I love that is available for free download is T. Tembarom by Frances Hodgson Burnett, the author who wrote The Secret Garden (which I also have reread and loved.)

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None really.

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@janbb , I think that the others are as good, The Girl of the Limberlost is even better in my opinion.

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I’ve actually held onto the books I loved from childhood (that I had copies of), with the intention of rereading them at some point. I haven’t for most yet, but the ones I have reread I still love.

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The Little House on the Prairie series. I read them in middle school, and again as an adult. It was amazing how my perspective changed! They’re great books either way, but in middle school they were an adventure. As an adult I felt SO SORRY for Caroline! It must have been some kind of hell for the poor woman.

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The Velveteen Rabbit and The Lost Playground

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@Patty_Melt Every school library should have Ferdinand! I’m pretty sure I first read it at school. Well, I imagine they will have it now that there’s a mainstream animated film based on it… though hopefully they’ll have the lovely original version not some cartoon wacky version (I haven’t checked out the trailers yet).

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Ferdinand is such a lovely, quiet story that I am sorry they made a movie of it.

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Where the Wild Things Are, Something Queer is Going On, Blueberries for Sal, The Monster at the End of this Book, Goops and How not to be One.

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I’m going to have to get a copy of Ferdinand for the grandkids. I’ve never read it.

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I realized I never really answered the question…. Thought I’d fix that!

The books I’ve reread the most since childhood are the seven Harry Potter books (which is probably true for a good portion of people my age, if not most of them), and I still absolutely love them. My respect for JK Rowling has only grown with each rereading, and I hope that today’s kids read her stories and not just watching the movie approximations.

Also reread a book called Dragonflight semi-recently. It was the first book that, as a kid, I’d picked out of the adult fiction section of the bookstore all on my own, so I have a definite soft spot for it just for that reason. I think it was the combination of it having dragons and a female lead that attracted me. Reread it and still thoroughly enjoyed it.

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I still really like the secret garden by Louisa May Alcott

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@Judy15 I like it too but it’s by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Little Women is by Alcott.

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