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On a smartphone/tablet can you see when an answer on Fluther was posted?

Asked by flo (11201points) January 22nd, 2018

That is, if for whatever reason you don’t want or can’t switch to the desktop version of Fluther on your tablet or smartphone.

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I’ve always used my phone. I have never seen a time of post…

I think the desktop version has more features.

It took me an embarrassing amount of time to realize the lurve thing…

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I think so (I mean the desktop may have more features) . For example on a mobile version on the tablet I don’t see the “Users Chatting” Community Feed”, “Related… Browse” features on the right side of the screen.

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I use the desktop version on my tablet, through Safari, and I can’t access the time-of-post feature the way I can on my laptop.

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I have never seen when an answer was posted, and I use a desktop.

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By putting the mouse to the end after Flag as and clicking on the red symbol. It doesn’t work on smart phones.

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I don’t know but I like Mobile version’s very simplistic.

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@imrainmaker, It’s not simpler. You like having fewer features? That’s probably not what you mean.

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So, how about the features I mentioned in my post before last, everyone?

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I used to get feeds in the email I originally set Fluther up under. You could set the phone to alert you when you get an email.

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there’s only a time signature for questions on my phone

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@RedDeerGuy1 By the way, re. “By putting the mouse to the end after Flag as”, you mean at the end of “Thank….“right?

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Is the @...(name of posters in a thread to address them) feature working in terms of viewing it in a box below) It’s not right now here.

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@stanleybmanly try hovering next to Thank….

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Doesn’t “thank” only appear next to the names of people answering MY questions?

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I see “thank yourlself” under my posts.

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