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Why does my computer have dementia?

Asked by janbb (55889points) January 24th, 2018

Lately, my computer is incredibly slow to load programs but only some of the time. When I go to load Fluther, for example, sometimes it will chunter and chunter and I’ll get a message “Downloading Proxy Script” and then “Resolving Host.” Later that day it may work perfectly fine and then again, it may crawl.

Here’s what I’ve done so far – rebooted it, of course, although I generally leave it on all the time. Cleared browsing history and cookies. I thought it might be a problem connecting to the network so I rebooted the network which runs on Verizon Fios and restarted the wireless router.

I also ran a full scan using Microsoft Security Essentials and nothing showed up as a virus.

I’m running Windows 7 and generally use Chrome as my browser.

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Is there an update needed for windows or chrome?
Also, maybe free up some disk space. Clear unneeded files, pictures, programs you don’t use, etc.

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It could be your internet connection. Maybe heavy usage from other users. Your isp (your internet service providers) could be throttling you? Also your computer could be old and worn out. Windows defender is not necessarily the best anti-virus software out there.

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<Computer dementia, funny.>
I am sorry I am unable to help you with your problem. I just had to show my appreciation for your infusion of humor.

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I too have been having issues, and always prepared to assume the worst, can’t help but notice the coincidence of my difficulties commencing within a week after the FCC ruling allowing internet providers to treat us with contempt.

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That’s Chrome’s way of saying it’s having problems with your proxy settings & situation.

In Googling your symptoms, I found one site that recommended going into your Windows Internet Settings and unchecking ”” as a possible solution.

Another site appeared to me to be a malicious site trying to trick people into installing software – I would avoid homecomputermarket(dot)com as it looks like evil nasty crapware and a site that aggressively tries to trick the foolish into installing it.

Next time it acts up, I would try immediately using another browser, and see what it reports, to see if it’s just a Chrome thing. And/or call your ISP and ask them to help you with your Internet configuration.

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Usually it’s one of a couple things

- Something is running in the background and eating up all the resources. If you press ctrl+alt+delete (at the same time) there’s an option there that says “Start Task Manager”. Start that and switch to the “processes” tab then sort by “CPU” by clicking that heading. If there’s anything consistently above 30 percent or so, that’s your problem.

- Also sort by memory and see if anything jumps out there. If you’re not running anything else, your top few should be “chrome.exe”. (chrome also has a task manager so you can see what site is causing issues there if you have a lot open)

- It’s also possible some recently installed program is causing issues, but that’s less likely if nothing jumps out from the steps above. But you can check what was installed most recently by going to Start->Programs->Programs and Features and then sorting by the “Installed On” column to see when the last version was updated.

- Finally, just make sure you have disk space available. If your disk is anywhere near full, it causes all kinds of issues. The easiest way is to right click on the start button and select “Open Windows Explorer”, go to “Computer” on the left and it should show your drives and space available. Anything less than 10GB free could be a problem.

I’d guess a program is either installing updates or trying to sync files (dropbox, google drive) and that’s making everything else wait in line. That’s the most common cause.

If that’s not the case, then there may actually be a problem. But I wouldn’t change any settings until I knew what it was. You can flip all the switches on your machine, but if the problem is your ISP, it’s not going to help.

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I think it’s the PC because my devices and streams seem to be ok. I’ll try those steps.

Thanks Funk!!

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@funkdaddy This is what I’ve come up with so far trying your diagnostics. 763 of 912GB are free on the computer.

Going into Chorme task manager FB is using 265,000 KB and GMail 237,000K

I do have the tabs open in Chrome all the time but his is not new. Should I close out the tabs and open them in between sessions.

I couldn’t find Programs and Features to check if anything has been installed recently. I did have a friend delete Dropbox a few months ago – could it still have tentacles out. Someone sent me a file that opened in GoogleDrive but then I worked on it in Word.

It does open Skype all the time which I don’t need it to;would hcanging that help?

Any help with diagnostics?

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@funkdaddy I found the Programs and features. Adobe Acrobat Reader was updated on 12/27. It takes up 242 MB. But it wouldn’t be looking for that when Chrome loads, would it?

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^^ Done. I’ll let you know when I see if that did the trick. Thanks jp!

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I would double check the setting stuck. A person in the comments said that it didn’t. You might have to run it as a Admin. If unsure how to do that I can fire up Windows to figure out the steps needed to do it.

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I’ll get back to you when I figure out if it’s still broken.

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It’s been working fine today so maybe @johnpowell ‘s fix did the trick!

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Glad it’s working.

Acrobat is a pain, but it’s probably not causing your issues. And you have lots of disk space available so no worries about keeping that.

You can disable Skype on startup and there’s no reason not to..

From: To disable start up on Skype

Open Skype application.
Select Tools.
Click on Options.
Select General settings.
Uncheck the Start Skype when I start Windows option.

I doubt you have a proxy, but who knows, if it works, awesome.

Fingers crossed all around.

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Thanks! Will come back here if problems recur and will stop Skype on Start-up.

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