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Do you have any tips to help a night owl become a morning person?

Asked by Aethelwine (42961points) January 28th, 2018

I’ve almost always been a night owl. I worked 3rd shift when I was younger and I loved it. I’d easily stay up all night and sleep until 2pm. Then when I was in my 20s I went back to college full-time while raising two toddlers. I woke up early and accomplished it all, even graduating with high honors.

I’m 47 now and have been a night owl again for many years. I could sleep well past noon if I didn’t have an alarm to wake me up. I just don’t have the energy I used to, unless it’s 10pm, then you’ll find me up cleaning the house. Some of my lack of energy is health related but I gave up finding out the cause because I’m already 5 digits in the hole.

Besides finding out the cause of why I’m always tired do you have any tips to get up early and stay motivated?

Thanks in advance.

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Well, I set an alarm at 6:00 because I have school, but i make it a nice alarm that I enjoy listening to (It’s Bach Cello Suite) So maybe find an alarm that is pleasant and uplifting.
I also make a mug of coffee to bring to school. To keep me awake.
I think being a morning person is less what you do in the morning and more what you do at night, though. Drink tea, stay of tech an hour before going to bed, and try to adjust your sleeping schedule to go to bed earlier.
Also, it takes 21 days to make a habit so maybe the more you force yourself to wake up at a certain time (no snoozing) you’ll get used to it and eventually enjoy it? I’m never happy in the morning because I hate school.

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I’m a night owl, but now I’m responsible for getting my daughter to school at 7:20 every morning, so I had to rearrange everything.

A couple things that helped…

- I save some dry/boring reading or learning for right around 11. I learn that stuff in the bed after getting ready to sleep. So even if I’m not tired, reading about something I’m not really interested in works better than something completely mindless or something I really like.
– I got a cheap vibrating fitness tracker that I wear to bed. I started with 6 alarms on that thing and eventually you just get up when it keeps going.
– I have caffeine of some sort waiting in the morning.
– I have all the morning decisions made already when I go to bed, so I can run on autopilot

I wouldn’t say I’m a morning person, but I’m up everyday (even weekends) between 6 and 7 now, and that hasn’t been the case ever before in my life. Before I needed to be up, I’d usually go to bed about 2, which is still really easy to do if I’m not exhausted or forcing myself to lay down at 11.

The first few weeks suck. When you fall back into going to bed at 2 for a few days, it sucks. But overall, it gets easier, even if not more enjoyable. I miss the creative nights when it’s quiet, but for now this is what needs to be done.

There are some good things about mornings, if you have a moment to enjoy them. The feeling of things coming alive, or the fog before it clears, and the sunrises really are beautiful. I get to see my kids sleeping just before I wake them up.

One more thing, that may or may not help everyone, but has changed the whole thing for me. I don’t think of it as something I need motivation for anymore, motivation seems to be really fickle. I just decide I’m going to try and do it, and then do it (or fail and figure out why). If I look for a reason/motivation beyond that, I outsmart myself and finding fault with the motivation also kills the desire.

I’m just going to get up because I need to and then do the next thing because it needs to be done. It’s less inspirational, but it’s reliable.

Hope it helps.

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Early to bed and early to rise makes one healthy wealthy and wise. Ben Franklin, Poor Richards Almanac

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^^Go to bed at 9:30 PM and get up at 6:00 AM.

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@funkdaddy I’m studying to become a medical coder. I could add study time before bed. Good suggestion.

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I’m up at 1:14AM and just getting ready to start some work. Works great for me because there are no distractions. I have to do about 3 hours of work and during the day I would be constantly distracted. Work at night while the needy people slumber.

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I make a habit of making myself go to bed 1 hour earlier than I did the night before. That often forces me to wake up an hour earlier the next morning. Then I repeat the process until I find the times that work best for me & that’s when I go to bed every night!!!

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