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Please someone help me with an answer?

Asked by Jaimek77 (7points) February 5th, 2018

Can my 10 year old take penicillin, sudafed cough and sinus, and children Tylenol at the same time

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Do you not have a doctor or nurse you can call? That question really requires medical expertise.

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You can take Tylenol with antibiotics. I presume that the pencillion was prescribed.

I’ve no idea about Sudafed cough and sinus.

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Why would you give your child 3 medications at the same time? Pick one and stick with it.
I don’t know all about medications but two of the three have Acetaminophen in them and if your not careful you could cause an overdose.
Just call your doc for better advice but he’ll probably tell you to not give a child 3 types of medications of one symptom/issue

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@SergeantQueen The medications do different things; that’s why it’s important for non-medical people to give advice.

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Yeah, I know that. What I was trying to get at is that the medications can mix and cause issues and if they have similar ingredients you can cause an overdose or other issues. Like that’s basic information I’m not claiming to be a doctor

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Welcome to Fluther.

If I were you I would stick to the doctor-prescribed medication (the antibiotic), and rely upon the placebo effect to work wonders on the child – as long as you appear confident that “this will resolve everything”. It probably will, in that case.

Good luck.

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This site might help get you a quick answer while you wait for your own physician to call back.
Pharmacists are also quite knowledgeable about possible interactions.

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DON’T take the sudafed cough and sinus, and children Tylenol at the same time unless okayed by a Doctor.

They both contain Acetaminophne; too much acetaminophen, even just a double dose, can cause liver damage.

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^^Exactly what I was thinking/saying

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It’s best to talk to an actual doctor who has seen your child.

If you don’t have access to that, or it’s a question about medications, you can also ask a pharmacist (e.g. at a drug store), though they might rightly refer you to a doctor too.

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I agree with @canidmajor. Except call your pharmacists. They train to learn what medication shouldn’t be combined. I have had doctors recommend medications sometimes that didn’t go well together. Sometimes the pharmacists catches it and will let you know but they need to know what over the counter medications he is also taking or if you have some other long term medication he is on.

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Among the symptoms of excess acetaminophen, the patient feels more feverish, so you would be tempted to give even more!

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Please don’t ask (likely) unqualified strangers questions about your child’s medications. Call your doctor.

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I would suggest talking with your doctor. An alternative would be to go to your pharmacy and talk to the pharmacist. Oftentimes they have a nurse practitioner or PA on staff to give advice. But the Pharmacist will know of any potentially dangerous side effects of combining these medications. Personally I would let the immune system take control without help, other than a little aspirin or ibuprofen…but that is me.

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Do not mix medications without asking an expert first, your doctor or a pharmacist as already stated.
Mixing meds which contain acetaminophen is discouraged, but especially with small children. When my daughter was small she needed something for pain for an extended time, and her doctor advised me to switch between acetaminophen and ibuprofen so she would not be overtaking either one.
Consulting a professional is very important, because sometimes there are even things we don’t consider which can be a bad combination. Even vitamins, and topical applications can a problem.

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Do you really imagine a pedestrian Q and A site is where you should get medical advice?
Get a professional opinion.

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