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People who believe in ghosts - how do you explain that many people claim to see CLOTHED ghosts?

Asked by Mr_M (7621points) August 15th, 2008

Clothes don’t have souls. How can they pass to “the other side”? And if you say they CAN pass, then how come you never hear of CLOTHING haunting a house? Or a dead pair of socks coming back from the grave?

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I’VE HAD a pair of socks come back from the grave!!!

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Perhaps all those odd socks lying around your house are not yours at all. Perhaps they are evil socks come back from beyond the grave to steal your sole (see what I did there). Sole/Soul

Ah that was clever. I’m so proud

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Ha ha Loser you crack me up! Is that you in the avatar? If so… lookin goood!!

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As I’ve been told by those who believe, ghosts, or more accurately, spirits can portray themselves however they chose. A spirit is a sort of non-life form that can act out emotion, and apparently has a sartorial side. Spirits bang doors, glide down staircases, moan, and apparently are able to dress in a manner they chose.

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If what they’re seeing is a remnant of what “was” (like a snapshot in time), then the clothing would make sense.

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I agree with that snapshot theory. It makes sense to me!

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Nope. Makes no sense. One is supposed to be seeing an “energy” when you see a ghost. This “energy” is supposed to leave the body as soon as it dies. If you open the coffin, the energy is not there (theoretically), but the clothes STILL are.

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Some say that what you see is like a replaying of a video of the past. The “energy” is there, projecting the image you see of the person, how they were at that moment in the past. I’m not saying this myself, but I tend to consider this theory over others.

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In other words, it’s all baloney?!

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Well, bologna….

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Spirits have the choice to appear however they wish. The clothes just makes them feel more comfortable.

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ghosts are not real, it is a superstitious belief of those who wish for some sort of life after death. I just asked a question similar to this about ghosts and clothes.

There were no ghosts in America until the Europen settlers arrived. The Natives believed in spirits, but they were entities that one did not see, but felt. They inhabited rocks, trees, and rivers. They didn’t wander around and do the things ghosts have been claimed to do. They weren’t ghosts in the sense that Europeans thought of ghosts.

the neighborhood my house is part of was built on an old cemetery (much like the poltergeist movie) by a real shyster of a builder back in the 1930’s. The tombstones were bulldozed into a nearby ravine. When I tell people that, they freak out. I don’t know why. I have lived here almost twenty years and have seen nothing that I would assume was a supernatural experience. There are probably dozens of decaying bodies under my neighborhood, and yet, no ghosts have appeared to haunt any of the houses in the neighborhood. I know for a fact that several people have died in my house in the past, some violently, some tragically, and some peacefully. Still, no ghosts.

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