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Have you watched the movie "Black Panther"?

Asked by imrainmaker (8339points) February 21st, 2018

Did you like it?

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I wanted to, but the only english showings start at 22:40, which means I would not get home that day.
So I will have to wait until there is an internet stream.

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I have tickets for Saturday morning. I’ll let you know.

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No, I hear it is good from a couple of people who have seen it but my trips to the movie theater are few and far between. Marvel Comics based movies are not high on the list. Didn’t like superhero comics much when I was a kid.

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I thought it was very good, but I don’t think it loved up to the hype. I honestly feel like American critics reviewed this film on a curve because it’s a culturally significant film in the superhero genre.

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I generally dislike superhero movies. The slow-mo, Matrixesque, over-the-top action totally breaks the verisimilitude/suspension of disbelief for me. The 1989 Batman film with Jack Nicholson as the Joker was probably my favorite superhero movie. It was dark, and cheesy in some parts, not taking itself too seriously, while still feeling fun and thrilling. You didn’t have Micael Keaton doing ridiculous shit like this.

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Superhero movies are rarely slow motion and matrixesque these days, save for maybe one scene that lasts a few seconds. The only ones that are like that throughout are Justice League and a lot of people hated that film, which is why the DCEU is now going in a completely new direction.

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Most superhero movies are pretty awful in my opinion. The 1988 Batman, first Iron Man and the Batman trilogy with Christian Bale are about the only ones I found tolerable.

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Have you seen Winter Soldier and Doctor Strange? I thought those were fantastic

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Missed Dr. Strange, Winter soldier was ok but all the over the top fighting and stuff just makes it less enjoyable to me.

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What about Logan?

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Better but ok. I enjoyed watching it, I guess I can add it to the tolerable list.

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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter?

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That movie was complete dreck

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Roger Corman’s Fantastic 4?

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dear god no and no.

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I watched Black Panther. I mostly enjoyed it. I liked it more than most Marvel comic-book films. I’m not a great comic/superhero-film fan, and didn’t like the usual things I don’t like about the type of film, particularly the parts I thought could easily make a lot more sense if they were different, especially how the deaths or potential deaths of some characters are portrayed as very important, but lots of other characters’ deaths or potential deaths are taken lightly, given little thought by the writer/director/film/characters, etc.

But mostly I thought it was notably better and more interesting than most Marvel stuff I’ve watched.

@ragingloli I tried to watch Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (oh actually I think it was The Asylum’s take-off of it: Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies) and couldn’t make myself get through more than a scene or two. (And I have watched all of Birdemic!) SO bad…

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Saw it twice already. Marvel’s producer Kevin Feige is amazing.

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No, I have no desire to see it. I do not like many superhero movies, and this one has no appeal to me. My favorite is “Kekko Kamen” that my Japanese friend showed to me.

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Finally got to see it.
It is… not as good as people raved it to be.
I liked the performances, and the theme of isolationism versus being open to the world and using your resources to help others in need.
I liked the overall visual style and costume design.
But as an action movie, it was lacking.
There is so many obvious CG environments, the whole place feels fake, and subsequently, small.
The action sequences, except for a few moments, was uninspired, by the book, and boring.
And the CG was just awful.
The CG environments, and fake Rhinos, and especially that final fight between the Black Panthers. Everything felt floaty, light, and artificial, lacking all impact.
The last time I have seen CGI that bad, was The Rock in Scorpion King.
Contrast that to Deadpool 2, that I saw yesterday, and it is like night and day.

Black Panther is definitely on the lower end of the MCU. Like Antman, or Thor 2.

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