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Who made electricity?

Asked by syerra (7points) February 22nd, 2018

Who made the electricty?

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Electricity was discovered, not made. And while plenty of scientists worked on related projects—some even going back to ancient times—Benjamin Franklin usually gets the credit for its discovery.

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Nobody made it. It just always was.

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No, I made it just now by rubbing my cat.

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Experiments with electricity have been going on for thousands of years, including the Babylonians with the Baghdad Battery (though according to the article no one is quite sure why). And Benjamin Franklin, while he gets a lot of credit for his discovery of “atmospheric electricity” in lightning storms, wasn’t the first to hypothesize that, either. But since he was perhaps the most famous man of his time outside of certain royalty, and he was surely a scientist (and a publisher), it was easy enough for him to get that credit.

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The universe made electricity. And lightening. And gravity. And us. And dogs with beaks. And all kinds of cool stuff.

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My dryer electrifies my clothes.

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Yeah. Well. Zeus did it first….

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It was probably a cave man walking across a fur rug and shocking his partner.

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