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Can anyone identify this electric part?

Asked by srmorgan (6773points) July 26th, 2009

I found this in my driveway this morning. It is some kind of terminal block. I can’ t believe that this fell off an automobile, the oldest one we have is a 2001 VW and this part looks old. Here are 8 photos.

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Sell it to your garage or scrap dealer. Looks obscure.

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I found it in my driveway and I want to know where it came from, like some element on the roof or from the bottom of a car or who knows. I am not in the least bit worried about its value, it will go into the trash unless it fell off. Since I live in a semi-rural area, I wonder how it got here


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This is a type of relay. It is used for a low voltage switch to control a high voltage devise. i.e. a 12 volt thermostat controlling the 220 volt air conditioner.

Your picture is too generic to say where it came from, but the terminals are too heavy for automotive use.

I would call it junk, not worth saving.

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That’s a contactor, commonly used in air conditioners. 24volt coil, single phase 230 volt air conditioner. The single poll contacter.

from my HVAC father

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Do any of your neighbors work in air conditioning? Something may have simply fallen off a truck bed.

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It’s a flux capacitor. Wait until a big thunderstorm and travel forward in time to meet yourself. Bring a sports almanac back with you.

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So, is your power still off?

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@casheroo @darwin – my wife had the HVAC company here on Thursday. He found nothing wrong. so maybe it fell off or out of something. This is an old block not a new piece right out of the box

@DrBill – I thought it was too big but my wife was worried about it having “fallen off the car”/ I worked for a terminal block mfr for a long time and this part is not a printed circuit type terminal strip.

@gailcalled – we have power, the AC is still working. Knock wood.

@timothykinney my son had the same reaction

Thanks to all


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@srmorgan I’m sure it just fell out. It’s an unneeded part, because it’s old. My father said they have much newer models he started going off on air conditioners and wanting to show me things…thanks lol

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@srmorgan – Sounds to me as if you found the answer. Probably somebody somewhere had a new contactor put in their AC, he stuck the old one on the truck (there are metals in it that can be recycled, such as copper) and it fell off at your place.

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