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Do you know where your energy is coming from?

Asked by Rememberme (661points) April 2nd, 2008

Say your state, and closest power plant name and type of power (which is more likely where you get your power from) or better yet if you have contacted your power company about where your electricity comes from.

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Yeah, My house is running on AEP wind power.

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My dorm room gets it’s energy from a coal fired powerplant :-(

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Im from a small town in Arkansas. We have a HUGE lake so, as you’d expect, its been damed up. Hydroelectric power, baby!

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Krypton… Oh, wait i just moved here, the sun

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@rememberme Where does yours come from?

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I am from Georgia. My energy comes from coal fired. I am unsure about which plant it comes from because there are SO MANY coal plants in georgia, with two more proposal :/ We also have 2 huge nuclear plants, one which wants an expansion. From a state which does not officially believe in global warming it sucks. Also South Company also believes nuclear power is renewable… ahhh (btw it is not, if you dont believe me start a new question)

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I’m in norway and basicly everything here is hydropower. Good for the planet, not so good for the ecosystem.

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My local Texan power provider says “59% of our power is currently generated from coal, 33% is from natural gas and 8% from hydropower.”

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Yes, in fact our company gives us a choice of which type of energy we want to pay for.

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The US Department of Energy just released this new tool. Enter your Zip Code and it will tell you all sorts of useful energy facts, including: source, price, and how that compares to the rest of the state and the US.
State and Local Energy Data

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