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Which is the most valuable gift / award you have received so far?

Asked by imrainmaker (8339points) February 24th, 2018

Something which is close to your heart . It can be either a gift from a loved one or any award you received for some achievement which will remain with you forever. By valuable i mean from emotional point of view and not just monetary value.

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I hate gifts. They too often reflect what others think you like, and that is limiting.
However, my Mom bought me a gift a few years before she died that is quite precious to me. It is a replica of the Maltese Falcon.
It’s the stuff dreams are made of.

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Maybe this isn’t a gift but when my Grandpa died I got his captain, major and lt col ranks along with one of his uniform hats, and a B-17 pilots manual. Also a heart that has his ashes in it which is probably more special to me.

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The faded wild flowers a little girl gave me when I was a young librarian. She said, “These are for you because you help me find the books.”

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My sister lives in New York. Five years ago she flew me out there to stay with them for a week. She took me to two Broadway shows and the Tony Awards. She paid for everything. She took care of everything. The monetary value is inconsequential other than it got me there and allowed us to share the most special trip possible.

She is currently in the hospital fighting for her life, suffering from two types of cancer.
She knew what she was giving me. She was giving me a lifelong memory of her.

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Mrs Squeeky’s hand in marriage .

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^lol..) @All – Nice memories!!

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My high school diploma. Also two silver medals for U14 soccer.

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Something personally created.
My late mother gave personal gifts that she crocheted for us.
I have her sweater and blouse that she used to wear and be photographed in as mementos to cherish.

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