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Any ideas for a wedding gift?

Asked by yankeetooter (9651points) October 9th, 2015

So my sister is getting married on Wednesday morning (I know, strange time for a wedding), and I still have no clue what to get her. She’s been with this guy for over ten years, and they’ve lived together for the majority of that time. She owns her home, and does not need anything along those lines. I thought of a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant, but she’s been on a really strict diet lately, so I’d rather come up with something else.

I would appreciate any ideas…

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How about a gift certificate for a stay at a bed and breakfast that they could go to on a random weekend?

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Cash is always welcome.

My grandmother used to say, “Gifts at a shower, cash at a wedding.”

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Yeah, @Seek but from her sister? That seems more of a parent gift,,,

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From a sister, I’d include a card saying the cash was earmarked for booze on the honeymoon.

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Ah, but @ Seek she doesn’t drink on this new diet…

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Can you find a large glass piece like a lemonade / martini pitcher. I gave one to a friend of mine, his new mother in law thought that was an amazing piece. Bought it at a Ross-Simons outlet with a coupon too.

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I gave this some thought from the perspective of what items we have that brought joy and meaning to my marriage and the ones at the top of the list are the things that enable my wife and I to do things together. So my suggestion is to think of something they like to do together and find a gift that would facilitate that activity/hobby etc.

For us these things are at the top of my list
Tandem Bicycle
Pair of Kayaks
Porch swing
Picnic Basket and wool blanket and throw in a candle, couple of kazoos and a little book on 100 ways to say I love you.

For our engagement we got each other hybrid bikes and those are great….but a couple years ago we got the tandem and it is the most fun we have together. I wish we got one sooner.

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I would take the amount that I’d spend on a gift and, instead, write a check. While it’s true that money is impersonal, and that a physical gift would be lasting and memorable, you say that the couple’s been together for 10 years and really doesn’t need anything. Cash is always appreciated. Your sister and her husband can use put it toward a nice honeymoon or a small celebration with some friends and family.

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Since they have lived together for the bulk of their 10 year relationship, it is understandable that there is little to nothing that they need. The question turns to, “What do they want?” Have they made any requests? Is there a registry that they have signed up for in order to fill the gaps for what they desire?

Three nieces have been married in the past several years. One suggested that any desire to give a gift be put forward as a contribution towards their honeymoon with a link included. Another recommended donating money to the charities that they supported; also links included. The third made no mention. After inquiring, she shared a link to a website of their registry. In this case, the SO and I picked out something within our budget. The thank-you note that it generated was sincere and specific on how it is being used.

If you are interested in coming up with a gift that is unique, would you mind providing more details on their lifestyle? What are their common interests? The members here can be creative in coming up with suggestions that may not have been considered yet.

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I’m guessing they didn’t do a registry. If try did, I say definitely but something from the registry.

Cash is always good in my opinion.

Are they taking a honeymoon? If so, buy a gift certificate for the hotel. They can use it towards spa treatment, dinner, whatever they want.

What about something for the house? I personally don’t want anyone to buy me anything that I might have to store in a closet, because I don’t need another trinket, but I love practical things like a baking dish I need, a sushi knife, those things I would have for years and use them.

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What about tickets to a concert by an artist they like or an experience they would treasure like a museum outing?

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I say cash.

Cash with a bottle of vino.

Some photos of them framed in a collage frame. Cash in the card.

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I always think that people take the cash to use for carryout or dry cleaning, etc. Non-thought items. Perhaps a gift/credit card worth at the weekend getaway as above. Movie ticket passes? Things where they have to do something together. One friend loved her Keurig and a sample box of coffee flavors. $, but nice.
Good luck!

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His and hers full body massage at a local spa.

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How about a beautiful photo album and you fill it with pictures of the two of them over the last 10 years and leave some pages in the end for some wedding photos.

Get their names and the the date embroidered on it.
You want to get them something that they wouldn’t get normally think of getting but would be appreciated.
Or something symbolic of their life together. Maybe sneak around and interview all their family and friends and ask them what they would like to say to the bride and groom. Nothing weird. Just kind of an affirmation that they will always be available to support their love and marriage and they can give some marriage advice. It can be witty just not crass. If you can mix it up with some other videos that would be awesome and have it play their favorite songs.
Or if you are fast, you can quilt a blanket with their name and wedding date on it. But you better be really quick. LOL

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@msh The thing about gift cards is, sometimes they sit in your wallet or desk a long time, and get forgotten or lost. Or, you’re forced to spend money on something you don’t really need, or would prefer to buy somewhere else. When I buy someone a gift card I often buy things like Target or a grocery store so they can spend it that week on food or shampoo. I suggested myself a gift card for the Honeymoon hotel, but it’s because I assume the OP is not inclined to give cash.

Sometimes cash is inappropriate, like for a manager giving a gift to an employee at a big company, cash might be odd, or against the rules, while a $20 Starbucks card is fine. But, for a wedding, cash is perfectly acceptable in most “cultures.” I’m just talking from an American perspective of all the cultures we have in America. Some of the cultures money is standard gift giving like what @seek said, “gifts at a shower, cash at a wedding.” Jews, Greeks, Catholics, all often give money at weddings, but not only those groups.

I think if a bride and groom don’t specifically say “no gifts please” on the invitation, they should register so money isn’t wasted on items they don’t want or need. Even with “no gifts please,” some people might still want to give a gift, which I understand, and is very nice, but can be tricky when the couple is older, and already established.

@Pandora I like the photo album idea. I wonder if younger people even think in terms of albums? Or, if they just buy those electronic photo thingies for top of desk?

You made me think of doing embroidered towels. A nice set of towels I think is always appreciated. Get the new initials of the bride on there if she is changing her name, and towels for him too of course.

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Edit: I should have written Italians instead of Catholics, I don’t really know what the Irish and other cultures that are often Catholic do for weddings. I’m married to a man raised a Catholic from Mexico and I don’t know if his side gives money? My Catholic friends mostly gave me gifts. I think part of it is social class customs too maybe? Not sure.

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I like @Pandora‘s ideas.

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@JLeslie – Grandma was a hardcore, Irish, Roman Catholic, and born in the 1910s. Her coming-of-age happening during the Depression might have something to do with the rules of etiquette she passed on to me.

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@Seek Interesting.

Maybe the money thing replaced the dowry? I’m just thinking out loud. I do think people were also very practical back in the day. People got married young, and really had nothing of their own. The wedding was a time for friends and family to help the couple make their start.

I saw a show one time where a family had the tradition of a pantry shower. I thought it was such a nice idea. People could bring something as inexpensive as a pound of sugar or canned tomatoes, or as fancy as infused oils and fancy schmancy spices, etc. it made the shower accessible to everyone. I hate any party that makes someone feel like they have to spend a lot of money, and showers they open the gifts in front of everyone. Anyway, the shower was for the new couple to have all the staple goods. I’m sure people brought baking dishes and that sort of thing too. Practical.

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Oh I LOVE the idea of a pantry shower!

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I think rojo’s idea is the best! Wow! Something they can do together. It’s seldom do couples enjoy relaxing things like this together. Especially after all the wedding hoo-ha.
It’s Perfect!

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Global chef knife
A must for the kitchen

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@Josie I would like to receive…The Ginsu Knife! Whee!!!

Boy, I miss those old UHF channels and their fabulous commercials. How else could I have learned about the Veg-O-Matic, Mr. Microphone, and Inside-The-Shell Egg Scrambler? I miss Ronco.

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” But wait! There’s more!”
Ronco always had more-
You could get a glass cutter and make your own drinking glasses!

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@msh Yes! Drinking glasses are so rare and unobtainable, a person needs to make them from empty wine bottles and applesauce jars. Also, said person can create glasses in multiple heights!!!

Anybody remember the Smokeless Ashtray?

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I want a glass cutter for making my own glasses and vases and stuff…

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@josie Could you tell me what a “Global chef knife” is?

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